Tuesday, September 27, 2005
some random thingies
Scattered thoughts. Here and there.

I want to go home to play with Cooper.
My big boss is moving to Saatchi China as Regional Account Director.
I need to re-organize my cubicle. It's such a mess.
Just halfway through "Name of the Rose". Difficult. Very.
I just finished a competitive analysis. Yey.
I am dreading all the meetings tomorrow.
My nailpolish is badly chipped. Manicure!!!
Wonder when Cooper will get fat and muscular?
I am back on my Buffy-Spike obsession.
When is the new season of CSI Las Vegas coming?
The three things you probably don't know about me tag:
~ I don't like writing with blue ballpens. I think they're messy.
~ I still have my high school & college notes filed at home.
~ I can't take anything spicy (I redefine low tolerance)
I sure hope we could sell the cars so we could buy a new one.
Mosquitos seem to have a liking of biting me.
I want to go home now.

Okay, there's my ride. I'm going home.
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Sunday, September 25, 2005
meet cooper
The latest addition to our family. A five-month old Labrador, given by my uncle who breeds Labs and Rotts. He's been cooped up in a cage in the province... lonely and quite skinny, having been the only one left from the batch of pups. Well, we'll get him hearty and healthy in no time.

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Monday, September 19, 2005
back from the mountains
I spent a self-declared long weekend in Ilocos Norte, to visit my grandmother for her 89th birthday. It was a tiring vacation, but fulfilling nonetheless. Beyond the bad back from the overnight bus trip, the lack of sleep and the resulting horrendous eyebags.

Day One:
Woke up at around 7 AM, as the bus was nearing the terminal in Laoag City where my parents were already waiting. After a 30-minute drive to our town, I was being welcomed by my grandmother... and by a hearty breakfast of longganisa, malunggay stew and scrambled eggs. A nap was then in order, after greeting all the relatives who were up and about the house (including my very wide-eyed god-daughter). Mom later woke me up saying that we would go to Laoag and visit my cousins' newly put up store, where they sell accessories, bags embellished with shells and native trinkets, batik clothes and inabel purses. They get their goods from all over the Philippines. And when I thought that I wouldn't spend anything this weekend... well, I was wrong.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ate Daffo & Ate Kristine at their store, Isturya

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Little Zoe and Me (note her grasp on the necklace)

After the shopping, we then had another 30-minute (or so) drive to the town of Batac. Ah yes, the empanada. I didn't have lunch so I ended up gulfing down one special empanada and 4 jumbo hotdogs with a bottle of coke. Having had our fill, we drove back home where we were then met by a long table of food already set for dinner. I chose not to pig out a second time (even if the yummy Ilocano dish Igado was being served).

As everyone relaxed, with the cool night breeze swimming along around us, my uncle brought out a Margarita mix and a bottle of Tequila. Another uncle then turned on the videoke machine. A dangerous combination. The titas (including my mom) then proceeded to have a Hopelessly Devoted singing contest. Note that all but two of us (the two being my cousins) actually CAN sing. Imagine hearing that Olivia Newton John song 4 times. The german shepard sure didn't find it very entertaining, as he intermittently got up to howl (mostly at my mom who was already perched up a monoblock chair). We sing our hearts out until 1 AM.

Day Two:
Wake up early. It was a Pagudpud day. We took three cars. A pick-up holding all the food we were to cook there, a sedan with all the dads and titos, and a van with all us girls and mommies. My uncle got us a hut perched up a little hill in the middle of the cove. Zoe, my god-daughter, was in this cute little ruffly bathing suit. She amazingly was not scared of the water, and loved how the sand felt in between her fingers. We dug a small hole by the shore and sat her there - so adorable! Lunch was overwhelming. Lobsters, shrimps, fish, pork barbeque, salad and fresh coconuts (as in sip via a straw stuck into the coconut fresh). The rest of the day was spent savoring the water and winds. There was a bit of drizzle, but well, who cares.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One big happy Foz family (and that's not even all of us)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Zoe with her grandma

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Lobster & shrimp galore

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Zoe, me, Kuya TJ, Marty (on top) & Ate Trish (Zoe's mom)

Back home, we above-18 cousins then had a quick dinner because we had to make another trip to Laoag. We were to watch my cousin's boyfriend's gig at a little pub in the city. The trip there was hilarious: the car broke down and we had to call our dads for help. And then arrived the cavalry. Not one, not two, but all five dads/titos drove over to the rescue. We felt like a bunch of sixteen year olds on the way to the prom. Anyway, we make our way to the city in a different car, drive by a liquor store to buy Tequila Rose (because the bar only served beer) and finally arrive at the bar. Let's just say we really felt like our age - we were irate and just picked on other people's fashion sense to entertain ourselves. I could feel the smoke seep into my lungs to burn all my bronchioles. I hated it. By 11 PM I was already outside, trying to get as much fresh air as possible (and refused to go back in). My older cousin was complaining about the volume of the music. She also steps out. She also complains about the air (okay, so it wasn't just me) - that even if she was a smoker, she just couldn't take it. She also complains that she could barely see, reels over and throws up. Man, we're old, I say. We laugh at ourselves on the way home.

Day Three:
Had to muster all my might to go to church at 7:30 in freakin' the morning. I try my best not to fall asleep during the mass, which dragged on until 9 AM. I wonder if the length of the homily was directly proportioned to the length of the church (our town's church is the longest in the Philippnes). My mom says that it's generally okay for the folk to have long masses, as it's the only time where they could dress up and "go out". It's their thing, she says.

After, me and my mom did an ukay-ukay in my grandma's closet. I pick up three bags and a skirt. Hehe. And after a quick lunch and a bit of freshening up, we say goodbye to everyone (with a lot of tight hugging).

Ten hours later, I was back home. And that ended the weekend. Well, it was good while it lasted.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
the most beautifullest temptation
With the stress accumulating from this client that we could not make happy, I am very vulnerable to the works of the devil. And lo, there I find in a heavenly store called Tint in Greenbelt the most beautifullest pair of shoes. They are grecian-inspired, bronze pair of flats, with the T-strap embellished or rather, dangling with little bronze coins and a little strap around the ankle to add to its sexiness quotient. Not being able to stop myself, I try the pair that is displayed. Oh and the heavens they parted and I could hear the singing of angels! They fit perfectly around my narrow feet!

But damn the devil and his motions! The pair is not on sale. It costs 3,000 bucks - the exact amount of which I could not remember (if it was rounded off from 2,900 or 3,200). Then the devil in the form of the sales lady, said that there are only few pairs left. Oh what to do? I have fallen in love with the grecian slippers. I am extremely tempted to splurge. But then again - 3,000 bucks screaming at me, and for sandals! They don't even have heels!

I am at a loss, my friends. I strongly feel that I should buy them, because they are extremely beautiful and because they are a comforting thought with all the downs of the past weeks. But the consequence being, my mobile phone bill would be left unpaid plus gas prices are on the up and up.

Only a few pairs. Few pairs. The words perfectly crafted to enchant a vulnerable shoe-aholic. God help me if I give in tomorrow.
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Monday, September 12, 2005
the unhappiest place on earth
I have a client whose job it is to make people happy. However, they are not exactly a happy bunch. They rarely smile. They always complain. They openly express feelings of neglect when we do not call them or visit their office. It is no wonder why they fail miserably at their jobs of making people happy. And why they also fail to keep their happy place, precisely, a happy place.

Our team is being contaminated by this unhappiness at dangerous rates and levels. These unhappy people should be exterminated (now there's a happy thought).
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Wednesday, September 07, 2005
the historian
Because of my friend's resignation from the Agency, I have no early breakfast partner. And so I have contented myself with coffee and the new novel I have, which has been mistaken as a dictionary, a biology book and a history textbook because of its size and thickness.

I am nearing the end of this book and I am very pleased with the purchase of it. Like the Dan Brown novels, I am in awe with the amount of research that apparently went into the writing of this story. Another beautifully crafted data dump. Although there are some parts predictable, it's still quite a page turner. I just don't know if the predictability and/or the page-turning is brought about by my previous research on the vampire lore (I am a Buffy fanatic and did my term paper on Vampirism). But whatever it is, I find it to be a good book. Something that I will be showcasing beside by Witching Hour and Dante Club novels.

Just a few more chapters and on I go to The Name of the Rose.

I find that drinking coffee while alone is not as much a pleasure of drinking coffee while alone with a good book. Don't you agree?
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Monday, September 05, 2005
the devil he taunts
I got a call from HSBC last week. They are offering me a credit card. The devil on the line she was talking in financial terms and I could barely understand them. She said something about zero-interest. And also mentioned of fees that are waived. Then there ensued a battle within myself - should I? Knowing full well the temptations and sinfulness that will abound once I have the power of the swipe? Should I trust myself that once I have such power, I will be overcome by the bright light of wisdom and discipline? Or do I demean myself and brand myself a sale-sinner with no hope of control?

I posed this dilemma to my mother. She said that it will be good for me to have a credit card. This notion was ammended by my father, because he said that it will be good that i have something called "credit identity" which I could not fully understand the benefits of. My mother said that I was actually sent an HSBC credit card offer via Asia Miles. It says that I am pre-qualified and I only need to give my social security number. The devil he really knows how to catch his prey. I will call HSBC if this "pre-qualification" that it speaks of is true.

Alas, I am a sinner. The devil he knows me well.
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Thursday, September 01, 2005
the long tag of agos
This is one hard tag asphaire. Kung hindi lang talaga kita love. My memory is so not meant for this...

20 years ago
You guys would not believe that they called me Big Bertha because I was fat.
Also was a spoiled brat. What I want, I get.
Dad builds a me-sized replica of my toy nipa hut.
Next year, this is all put in jeopardy by the entry of a sister.

15 years ago
I realize that I really, really suck at math.
I hated skirts. I hated pink.
Homeroom teacher made our classroom a shrine in honor of the pink crayola.
Done with Nancy Drew Hardbound Mysteries.
Proceeding to complete Nancy Drew Case Files.
Summer of 5th grade. Bored.
Skimmed through Compton's Encyclopedia (all 26 volumes) up in our attic.

10 years ago
Art contests.
Began writing short stories.
Figured I could also write those gaga love stories.
Also began compiling all the poetry I've written.
Fell in love with image editing (and painting) software.
I still had braces.
I was so in nerd-country.

5 years ago
This summer, family took a Canadian Rockies roadtrip.
I love this year. A junior at UA&P, taking up IMC.
Established my writer's identity.
Theater org. Set. Lights. Music. No acting.
One production after another. Rehearsals until 12 MN.
Don't know how I passed my classes.
Plus, I met Chips this year (narration of which will be too long).
EDSA II breaks out a few months later.

3 years ago
Working as a resident at Ace Saatchi & Saatchi.
Later on get absorbed into the company.
Producer sermons me about protocol.
Producer apparently offended by me telling the editor what font to use.
Play foozeball with the creative director for him to read my Work Order.
Meet celebrities for the brand. Fake smile.
Master the art of deciphering Indian accents via telecon.

Last year
This blog was born.
Actually enrolled in a gym (Fozzy is that you!?!).
Began work on one of the biggest brands in the country.
Handling also little accounts (and they think they're sooo big)
No more time for gym.
Sustaining a going-on-four year relationship.
Chips goes to Bora with me and my family.
A very happy Fozzy.

This year
Swamped with work.
A totally beached summer. Boracay. La Luz. Pagudpud.
Chips went to Ilocos for the first time.
The other blog was born.
Our Account Manager team of three is down to one - me.
My mothers are interviewing prospective siblings.
I don't want to be an only child.

Had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.
Set meetings for the rest of the week.
Projects List meeting with a client.
Went to UGL for an offline.
Had to leave offline for a meeting at P&G.
Went back to offline. Had a light dinner.
Back to office, finalized paperwork.
Gave up, went home.

Last night
Watched Discovery Channel.
Planned what to wear.
Watched Oprah.
On the phone with Chips.
It rained.
Have to rethink outfit.

Got to work early. Oddly no traffic.
Doing this tag. Today is a busy day:
Presentation to a client at 10:45.
Lunch meeting with creative team.
Offline again (I hope we finish already).
Presentation again.
Telecon with client to top it all off.
I hope there's still breakfast at the canteen.
Tin's despedida dinner later.

I look at my calendar for tomorrow and sigh.
Another busy day.
Brainstorming meeting.
Projects list for another client.
Another presentation scheduled.
Another offline and online.
When will this end...

Next year
Five year anniversary with Chips!
I don't know what else...

Five to ten years from now
I have no idea.
Carpe diem.

Who would I like to answer this?
Whoever wants to (and has the time to).
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