Tuesday, May 30, 2006
the last of the summer
fish feeding
fish feeding,
originally uploaded by dezphaire.
I cannot believe it. It's the end of May. In a week, school will start again. My gad the summer it is over! Noooo! But yes, alas, it shall end. Good thing I got to see the ocean one last time.

It was my dad's birthday yesterday. So I scheduled a weekend beach trip for us, and paid for the accomodations. Ate Daffo, my cousin, came along. She's the one feeding the fishies in the picture. Chips came along too. I love the sights of the shore. Of the sky losing itself to the waters. I really wish we had our own beach. Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves, to the smell of the ocean. Well, a girl can dream.

The food was great too. I had so much to eat - especially the dessert! The mango sago was absolutely yummy. Mmmm sweet and squishy.

Oh oh we saw nemo! A clownfish. And an angelfish! They were so cute. Especially nemo. He was nibbling on the Frogeye. He'd actually charge towards us. When the camera flashed, he'd swim away then come back. Lol. It was a shame that the camera didn't get clear pics of him. He was moving around too much.

Okay I'll just yammer on. I'm not a big fan of coherence today. The stress just flushed back into my life. But at least we had one last summer hurrah. My next mission is to bring Cooper to the beach. If only I could find a place where they'd allow dogs.

Maybe next year.
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Wednesday, May 24, 2006
proud momma
Last Saturday, we had a big Foz get together. It was my cousin's birthday, so we had everyone come to the house for lunch and mirienda. Even my little god-daughter Zoe came (she's only one-year old)! She was so cute. Mayee also brought their newest family member, Mojo, a cute little mini pinscher.

I'm so proud to say that my little boy, Cooper (who's not so little...), was so well-behaved that day. I let him loose to run and play around with Mojo, who he didn't decapitate or anything. And he was even so gentle when he's around Zoe. They're just about the same height, when Cooper's on all fours. He stops running and wagging his tail when Zoe comes near him. When they come face to face, he backs away and lets Zoe pass. Such a good boy! I know Labradors are characteristically a friendly breed, but how many dogs really could suppress their playfulness? And it amazes me that little Zoe wasn't afraid of him. She even walks over to pet him! That's so unlikely for a toddler. I so wish that when I have a kid, he or she won't be scared of animals too. Okay that's thinking waaaaaaaaay to far ahead.

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For now, I'll be a stage mother to Cooper. Way to go, boy! Momma's so proud of you!
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Friday, May 19, 2006
i'm wearing new shoes
I finally got to wear the new shoes I bought last weekend. Schu was on a 50% off sale. Of course, the four-letter word of evil got the better of me. This is exactly my size but they did hurt a bit. Now they hurt a lot. Maybe later in the afternoon, they will hurt a whole lot. But they're pretty. About two and a half worth of a skinny heel. And it's green in faux snakeskin. It's got a strap going around the ankle. I think I need to have another hole punched into the strap though, because my ankles are skinny.

I'm also glad it's a Friday (yey!). The downside is, that it's the last day to accomplish everything that I have to do. Which is a mightly lot of stuff. Tonight we're planning to watch a movie. It's this group movie date that Chips had set up with his buddies.

Speaking of movies, we're also scheduled to watch The Da Vinci Code tomorrow. I really want to see if they captured the book right. And I hope we get good seats reserved. And that we get decent people as company in the movie theatre. With all the hype and contention happening, I'm sure everyone would want to watch it, even those who haven't even heard or originally cared about the book.

On that note, I'm really disappointed at how the conservative groups here handled this thing. It was a great PR blunder. Humans, by nature, become curious about things that are said to be wrong and taboo. And with all the defense mechanisms, wouldn't it make people think all the more that you've got something to hide? It's how people think. Can't deny that. And, some people highly opposed to the book haven't even read it and they're preaching all this stuff about its blasphemy. So there they are, adding more to the hype, increasing curiosity. I tuned out last Sunday when the priest started yammering about how bad the book was. If he was talking about the writing style, maybe I'd listen. But oh well. It's a whole vortex of fault pointing.

Well, let's just swirl back into a state of apathy. I'm still watching the movie. And I'm wearing new shoes.
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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
I went to the gym Monday. It was really a milestone. I subscribed to the program almost a month ago, and I finally got the time to go. Anyway, since it was my first day, they had to do this fitness test. Toplines, I'm pretty healthy - or as they would put it, within the norm. Fat accounts for 25% of my body mass. My abdominal muscles are strong, the trainer says, based on the crunches test. At least that got me plus points. But my cardio performance was poor. After that step test, my pulse skyrockets from normal to erratically hyper. I also gave up on the push-up test. But in fairness, my arms also hurt from the badminton last week (still). Since we finished that evaluation early, I was put on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I totally lost any form of stability and orientation after that. Probably some form of motion sickness. It was a miracle that I didn't topple over the stationary bikes lined up beside the treadmill when I got off.

I am to go back to the gym today, because we will prepare the work-out program. Please pray for me.
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Sunday, May 14, 2006
I love waking up late on Sundays (and Saturdays). But Sundays more so. Because waking up at noon means it's just in time to switch on the TV and get a big dosage of one of our (meaning me and my sister's) favoritest sitcoms of all time: The Nanny. Okay, so the story is nothing new. It's The Sound of Music with big hair, no music, less kids and no mountains. Plus the "sound" is mostly of Fran Drescher's overly nasal voice.

But who cares. It's not the most beautifully shot show. Sure, the fashion sense would sometimes send you flying back into your own horrific eras. It's goddamn funny and it absolutely kills you that it takes eons for them to get together. And what about the time that he actually told her that he loved her in Paris but took it back!?!? Aaagh.

This is one DVD set that I'll be hunting for. But for now, thank you Hallmark Channel.
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Friday, May 12, 2006
sleepity day
The day started out gloomy and drizzly. Makes me just want to sleep. I have limited muscular movements, because I played badminton with my co-workers yesterday. I'm high on BenGay. Ironically, there wasn't too much traffic this morning. Maybe they all slept in. So I came in rather earlier than usual. Got to nap for a bit. But I just want to curl up into a ball. Tucked within a big soft bed, plump pillows and a fluffy comforter.

Ahh, I can only dream.
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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
flying sky
flying sky,
originally uploaded by dezphaire.
This photo marks the 100th in my Flickr account. Weee!!! Obviously, I have grown addicted to this photo thing. I never thought sharing pictures would actually be fun. It's like blogging, but without words.

Let's go into some overthinking. I think that it's nice that this pic got the 100th spot. I love how that accidental flare thing made the sky look much more- should i say, angelic. Heavenly. It's the kind of thing you'd like to look at to make you feel better, especially after pointless arguments and crunched deadlines.

It's now my wallpaper.

Hello sea.
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
My package arrived last night. It was my new toy! It felt like Christmas eve. The minute I got hold of that wrapped box, I was catapulted back to being a seven year-old. It was wrapped simply, in white paper, with hand-drawn flowers on the side. On the face of the box, it just had our address and my cousin's name (my Santa Clause).

I opened it once I got home. Flicked on all the lights in the dining room and tore off the wrapping. It's here! It's here! I will have so much fun playing with it. Oh it's so beautiful!

Thanks so much to Kuya TJ, my summertime Santa Clause. He was oh so generous enough to give this as a gift. I really didn't want him to, because to me it was so expensive. But he did say that it only takes 3 hours of work for him to earn that amount (I knew it, I'm in the wrong industry).

So there. I'm so happy. I just have to get some film (uy, clue). Oh yah, I never got to say what it was huh? Well, here you go:

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Friday, May 05, 2006
beached again

blue gradient
Originally uploaded by dezphaire.
I just loved waking up to the sound of the waves. For two nights, man. It was just so relaxing. Then you can smell the sea. And then the breakfast being cooked by the boys.

Yup, the boys were doing all the cooking. We girls were designated dishwashers. Because we forgot to bring the dishwashingmachine, as Tin would say.

There was an abundance of alcohol, and during the late afternoons the boys will fill the cooler with beer and head off into the water. The tide becomes incredibly low at around 4 PM, so we'd find a nook of corals to sit on. Sort of like a watering hole. After dinner, we'd mix some vodka and juice or just gulp down some red wine while playing poker. We didn't have poker chips and we didn't want to play with real money either. So we just collected shells and used them for betting. It was quite funny to hear, really.

Another mode of entertainment would be the hermit crabs the other guys would collect. They found that if it crawled over peeling skin, the crab would nibble it off. Gross but ticklish. And one of the guys managed to catch a sea urchin. He placed it in a glass of sea water. Then completely forgot about it as it baked in the sun. Net, the creature died (poor thing).

On the last day we went snorkling. So now my back is burned. Well, like I wasn't burned to begin with anyway.

Then we had to leave. I hate leaving. I hate missing good things. But then you need to, else their value would be lost.

I shall look forward to seeing the sea again. Before the summer is over.
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Thursday, May 04, 2006
on this post...
The labor day weekend update will rise.

I just uploaded the Casio pics. And the Frogeye pics were just digitized.
Three days of beachdom. Coming up.

Will depend if I'm still enthusiastic enough to give a blow-by-blow account. Apologize for the tardines... meanwhile, some pics are on Flickr.
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