Monday, January 19, 2009
i wonder if it was this complicated before.
Planning a wedding, I mean. Huh, whut. Yes, I'm actually planning for a wedding. Yes, it's mine. This blog may transform into a wed-blog at some point. Or I may just create another one altogether. Anyways, since we're not yet officially enganged i.e. I'm still ring-less, I'll just pen my ragged, over-acting thoughts here for the moment.

Let's see. Once upon a time, I was on this I-need-to-get-hitched-before-30 kind of boat. But then I realized that it's not going to happen and that it doesn't matter at all. I feel like a kid most of the time anyway. So I've been conditioning myself to take my own sweet time, get as much of the plans as solid as possible, so planning and coordination won't go haywire as the time nears. That time being December 2010. Because that's also the time that the condo we invested in would be done and livable. Nice timetable right? It all falls into place. And being in advertising management, I'm reveling in this un-rushed, calm pace.


There came some external pressure that threatens to upset this calm, balanced pace! See, Chips' sister is on the before-30 boat. And I think there's some traditional family thing that Chips, being the eldest, should go first. Well, that's my theory at least. So, the timetable may get pushed as early as January 2010 (or even December this year!). HARG! Which then poses some hurdles to my nicely laid out and relaxed plans. So now I've got two timetables in my head - since this rush thing is one big what-if. A what-if I'm desperately praying to remain a figment of someone else's panicked mind (not mine please!).

So per my haggard timetable, we need to pin down a date (for the rushed option) with a prospective church and venue at the latest by February this year. Omigod January is almost over. HAAAARG x2!

Anyways, I'll go vent somewhere else. I think that cup of tall brewed coffee was a bad idea.
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