Tuesday, June 07, 2005
the first circle of hell & the first evil ditch
This is a very long story about sin. About the Lustful and the Seducers. Behold these persons will most likely go into the first circle of hell, where those who have been tempted and sinned by an excess of desire and passion will be whirled endlessly within a murky gale, symbolic of how they let the winds of passion take away their virtues. If not this light punishment, they will be thrown deeper into the circles of hell and into the first evil ditch of the Seducers. They will be punished similar to their ways - because in life they drove others into sin, so shall they be driven endlessly by horned demons who whip their backs with great lashes.

This story is of my friend, who is involved with someone whom she did not know to be a Lustful man, but instead knew him to be an upright man of respect. In which case he could also be thrown into the tenth evil ditch of the Falsifiers where he will be changed into a hog who should run without pause amidst the terrible smells of the ditch. But lo, it was all revealed, with the aid of a Seducer who claimed to be a devout Catholic (and an Opus Dei at that) - one who prays the rosary daily, who wears a blessed scapular around her neck (which she can't take off because it is she wants to go to heaven), and who believes in the sinfulness of pre-marital pleasure. And yet this Seducer, she wears a short plunging camisole such that the pendant of her scapular hangs in between the crevice of her chest like a hypnotic device shrouded in mystery. Men will be compelled to follow that long chain into the deep darkness of sin. Alas, she also wears a tight pair of low-rise jeans, to make her belly breathe freely the sinful stench of that night. And so by this the Devil will be confused. Because he can also throw this Seducer into the sixth evil ditch of the Hypocrites.

The Story of Sin.
It was on a fateful Friday night that the Seducer rose from the bowels of hell (and yet she wanted to go to heaven). A coming together of friends and of couples. And as a couple, my friend and her upright man of respect who was in truth a Lustful man, came into the bar. And there, amongst people they knew, curiously, was a girl unknown to them - the Seducer - who coincidentally like the Lustful man, hails from the land of huge sprawling campuses. So this couple (my friend and her falsifier of a man) mingled with the impending danger unbeknownst to them. My friend, after a few minutes, noticed that she was bored. And bored she shouldn't be! Because she has fed herself happily, was drinking glistening alcohol, and was with her man. But then again, her man - her upright man of respect, was not in reality "with" her. A conversation he was deeply in with the Seducer and in this exchange of seemingly harmless words in squeeky perky voices the spell of evil has been cast.

And with that the man began to reveal his true nature. The Lustful man, after selling his virtues to the Seducer, announced the need for a cigarette. Behold, who should be the sole being who had sticks to spare - of course, the Seducer. Her and her swinging pendulum of temptation in the darkness of her bosoms that is no longer a sacred scapular. But the stick she did not wish to spare. Nay, instead, the stick she desired to share. And so to the horror of my friend, she witnessed her man in a saliva-sharing ritual of cigarette huffing and puffing. While in the whole time that she and her falsifier of a man have been together, no saliva sharing rituals of anything has transpired - not even of straws or utensils. And yet now there is a sharing of bodily fluids and carbon monoxide with this wench who wears frivolity like a glove.

The story of sin did not stop there my friends. Because now the heat of the night propelled the group to move to the interior of the bar. And there, in the absence of a dance floor, the Seducer broke into a hip-girating and body-swaying dance of temptation. My friend, she was revolted by this sight and ordered once more a beautiful glass of glistening alcohol. And lo, the Seducer, she had the nerve to sit herself down on the lap of the Lustful man, who was seated beside my friend. My friend was appalled and gravely disappointed, much more so than with the saliva-sharing, because her Lustful man made no effort at all to push the Seducer aside. No muscle, no limb, not even a nerve was utilized to actively rid his lap of the Seducer. The Seducer herself, after long seconds of enjoying her positioned lapness, was the one who edged herself aside. Was this not a grave sin on the part of the so-called upright man of respect? To not reject the scapulared manifestation of frivolity but in fact welcome such seduction in the presence of his real partner? The souls suffering for their carnal sins in the circles of hell rejoice at this for they welcome now a brother.

But then my friends, the sinfulness still does not end there. In a grand finale, the winds of passion and pleasure take over these two souls. But first, let us focus on the Seducer, who sprawls herself on a table like a doily before the owner of the bar (who was part of their get-together) who was counting his earnings for the night. She inquires flirtatiously if money shall be rewarded to her if she breaks into another dance of demonic temptation. The bar owner rolls his eyes in annoyance and gives this doily of a girl 100 bucks and shoos her off her table. The Seducer, ecstatic with her newfound richness, shoves the bill in into her camisole. And yes, it is shoved there together with the very well defied sacredness of the scapular. She moves to face my friend, who is wallowing herself in alcohol in hopes to blur out the transpiring events. The Seducer leans forward and my friend is against her will beholding the grand canyon of hell. From where, the Seducer requests, she fish out the bill with use of her tongue. Out of respect for her dignity and the presence of her falsifier of a man (even if he is so), my friend rejects the invitation. And so the Seducer moves to victimize the Lustful man and poses the same carnally unsanitary request. At this point my friend briskly stands up and moves towards the owner of the bar, expecting that her man, as any decent partner of a man would, follow her in revolt to such request. But no! This man full of lust and shame even dares to ask my friend permission to grant the Seducer's request. My friend is utterly appalled. And even more so when this poor excuse for a man with his mouth indeed fish out the bill of sin from the darkness of the Seducer's chest. Que horror! My friend, as she wants to maintain her poise and respect for herself, did not choose to show her anger and stoop to the levels of these beings of the damned. Because then the Devil might also throw her onto the stinking swamp of the Wrathful souls of hell. Oh no, that she did not want.

So after such happenings my friend decides that she will not have anything more to do with this falsifier of a man. And rightly so.

Through the whole of the weekend she does not talk to him. But lo, the man wants to talk come the second eve after the above's events. My friend welcomes him into her home and the man dares to accuse her of wrongness because she failed to be hospitable to him during that night, that she was being bitchy and unreasonably cold. Pray tell what kind of reasoning is this? The Devil would be ecstatic at the sight of this. But then he will be later confused because this man he can either place in the circle of the Lustful or in the ditch of the Falsifiers. And now possibly in the ninth ditch of the Sowers of Discord, Scandal and Schism where he will be hacked and torn by a sworded demon and forced to carry his dismembered body for all eternity... because in life he has brought upon painful separation on something meant to be united. The shameful, lustful and falsifier of a man has no remorse. No wrong did he admit to be his. And that the frolicking with the Seducer he defined as "fun". This definition the Seducer probably fed him from the dictionaries of the demons. And so my friend also defined to him what this story of sin has brought to them - "an end".
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  • At 2:44 PM, Anonymous apester said…

    the story, it is intriguing yes? pero dang, ngayon ko lang nakikita na ang dami palang mga potang falsifiers out there. talo pa mga atheists ng UP haha

  • At 9:01 AM, Anonymous jojo said…

    hay naku, i don't know who i am disgusted with more...the Seducer or the Lustful man. langhiyang yan.

    i wonder what your "bisita" could say about this post...abangan!

  • At 3:43 PM, Anonymous apester said…

    omigosh! the story, it is very very bad for your friend! now we know that it isn't true that evil people melt with the touch of holy objects...

  • At 1:06 AM, Blogger Sapphire Dreams said…

    Whoa, this is your greatest blog piece yet! I think I understood Dante's Inferno more in your blog! =p

    Jojo's comment was right. I don't know to whom should I get more disgusted: The Seducer or The Lustful Man? Well, both of them will definitely be damned to hell.

    But, I applaud your friend because she did the right thing of ending the relationship with him. I'd be sick to my stomach if she was like other stupid girls who would take back a man so he could hurt her again.

  • At 2:57 AM, Anonymous mia d. said…

    I’m loving the Dante parallelisms, attention to detail… and, and, your "split (blog) personalities" ha-ha, add me to your list of regular readers.

    This was scandalous indeed. But dayum, how could someone sit through all that?? In the first encounter of the Seducer and the Lustful, I was already thinking- Oh no he didn’t!?! *sharpens claws*

  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    i am astounded with all your wonderful comments! i shall share them with my friend, who is happily posting the Lustful man's email in lustful websites so that he shall get all their lustful spam.

    and yes, i applaud also my friend who kept her dignity throughout this ordeal. and we smile at the thought of them burning in the swamps of hell :)

    Dante, he lives!

  • At 3:18 PM, Blogger noknok said…

    i, your ka-close who has the ability to enter heaven, hell and purgatory because of my special place in the kingdom of God, has inquired about the most probable sanction.

    The sinner enters where the punishment is more severe. Thus, if the sinner has two sins, he gets condemned for the heavier sin i.e. he's going to the place where he is closest to satan.

    as for the woman. wearing the scapular with the plunging garment could be deemed sacrilege. it is a perversion of the purpose of that scapular and if she doesn't want to go to hell, she doesn't need the scapular, she needs un upright lifestyle.

    (i am practicing infallibility... someday, ate... someday)

  • At 1:16 AM, Blogger The Blue Sixteenth Note (the dark side...) said…

    Sabi ko na sa yo, totoo yang mga hitad at masasamang tao sa mga pelikula, eh. Totoong totoo sila, at yang babae at lalaking yan ay wala pa sa kalingkingan ng kasamaan na nakita ko sa mga hinayupak na sangkatauhan. Too bad The Flood didn't worked out.


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