Wednesday, July 21, 2004
breaklights and pessimistic musings
Question: if we are behind a car without breaklights, annoyed to death because of the impending danger of getting into an accident, how do we tell the bozo that he doesn't have breaklights?  And what if the car is extraordinarily slow, occasionally driving over the yellow line that is supposed to keep you on your side of the road?  You cannot honk, he'll think you're an ass.  You can't flash your lights, he'll think you're tripping over insanity (or probably epileptic).  You can't drive up beside him and make huge hand guestures, you'll get into a car crash with the incoming traffic (aside from looking stupid to the person in the breaklight-less car).
I was behind such a car this morning.  It was rainy, gloomy and I was running late - besides not being able to see clearly, he is naked of any warning device.  I almost rammed the butt of the damn thing.  It was additionally irking that he drove in the middle of the road and I could therefore not pass him.  So I just let other cars turning into the street get between that car and mine.  Sigh, relief.  I sighed too soon.  I encounter 3 other cars, making it a total of 4, who were slow, lane-less and without breaklights. 
The thing is, they will almost not know that their cars are one-less (or two) of the most essential safety precautions on their automobile.  The posterior is not something you always notice.  Unless the car can back up and look into a mirror.  My mind wandered about and thought of the following possible ways people could find out about their lack of consideration to the rest of the driving populace (feel free to add):
1.  Parking in reverse.  They should wonder if they don't see two firey red reflections against the wall they are backing into.  If they also don't see two bright white reflections, they should also figure out that their reverse lights aren't working - in which case, their car should be taken off of the streets.
2.  An accident.  The obvious but more hurtful way.  The car following it crashes into its breaklight-less be-hind.  He will now be demoted from non-working breaklights to no breaklights at all.  Especially if the car behind him has a strikingly chrome dead-ass bullbar (like mine... hehe).
3.  A good samaritan.  Insanely erratic huge hand guestures from an irked driver aside, some stranger kind enough to stalk him from the road until he reaches his destination and approach him with the advice to fix his breaklights could make him aware of the problem.
4.  A convoy.  A friend or whoever is convoying with him.  The friend should be compelled to tell him about it, unless he is not a good friend or both parties already engaged in number 3 in the process of convoying (in which case, baka hindi na sila friends).
5.  Astral Travel.  End of.
If all else fails... ewan ko na.

dezphaire strapped in @ 9:10 AM  


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Sapphire Dreams said…

    OH MY GOD! I was just planning to write a blog about the things I hate in driving!

    I so hate sloooooow cars, especially if they are in the left most lane, which is supposed to be the fast lane.

    I also hate cars that occupy two lanes. Sometimes I say in exasperation, "Stay in your fucking lane, demmit!" Para akong tanga. Nagsasalita mag isa sa loob ng kotse.

    I also hate cars that turn without any signal, especially if they are in the wrong lane. Like, if you're turning right, stay on the right most lane, not the middle of the road. Or if you're not turning right, don't stay on the right most lane! I almost got into an accident the other day because of this. There were 2 lanes in C5 that leads to my exit. I was on the outer lane. The car in the inner lane, which was right beside me, didn't turn right, he went straight instead! but he knew that I was turning right because my right hand signal was blinking. So I almost hit him because of his stupidity. Siya pa yung nagalit! Grr!

  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger asphaire 許泰莎 said…

    I miss driving!!! But oh my, things i HATE about driving in Manila.. hah. Dez, u sure u have enough space here?

  • At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hate ko din yan lalo na kung big bus or truck yung nasundan mo...grabe ever! feel ko nga dapat may portable whiteboard ako sa car na susulatan ko ng "hey asshole! go get some breaklights you idiot!" or some equally encouraging note. goodluck to us drivers of the metro!


  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    agree, agree, agree! i just find comfort in the thought that they'd soon get into an accident and be taken off the road (either temporarily or permanently, depending on their fate).

    mabilis umikot ang karma. bahala sila.


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