Monday, June 07, 2004
an ignoramus asks... asl?
To pass the nothingness happening last night, I revisited my college (anti) social life... mIRC. And after almost 4 years of being off-line, I am sent into a time warp ala Back to the Future by three letters: ASL.

Here comes the disappointing part: no matter how we call the internet the information gateway? Some people are still stuck in a backward rut with closed minds and asses for heads. A short demo please:

By the way, this happened in the main chatroom...
ignoramus (not his real nick but could be): dezphaire, asl?

dezphaire: 23/f (normally i don't disclose where)

ignoramus: so, where you from?

dezphaire: (okay, since you asked nicely) Philippines

ignoramus: oh i didn't know they had electricity there already

if there was one thing i learned from years of dealing with people like these online and offline... it's that it's USELESS to argue with IDIOTS...

dezphaire: yah, we just had it yesterday and now the hut's too bright (stupid boba)

I didn't bother to ask where he was from... his ass probably. Tsk tsk.
dezphaire strapped in @ 3:19 PM  


  • At 5:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    nyahahahaha... yes, remember, we still live in trees dear. oh hey, did u pick up your coconut bra-tops and straw skirt form the dry-cleaners yet? Let's swing by after our ungga-ungga session. See you then, orangutaaaan!

    -- asphaire

  • At 2:03 PM, Anonymous 16thnote said…

    Damn, stupid, person!!! I hate people like those... worsens my already hot day!!! Like, how do I get my pc working then??? Steam? Coal? Wind? Panain ko kaya sya, or itali sa puno na puno ng hantik!!! Ka-bad-trip!!! Tama na nga, mag-iigib pa ako ng tubig sa poso para madiligan ang mga petchay sa likod bahay...


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