Sunday, September 12, 2004
sunday bloody sunday
I voluntarily locked myself in my room today, despite my mother's invitation to go to Rustan's and shop (gasp! is this moi?). Reason #1: I am cashless and payday is still on Tuesday. Reason #2: I wanted to fix my computer and read a book. I dug up this Greenhills-acquired installer for Windows XP. I decided that the current state of my PC was going nowhere, that no matter how many times I deleted cookies and temporary files, the pop-ups will not stop; that the Pentium 4 sticker on the CPU was just a foil; that I might as well throw this out the window in a fit of frustration if it once again restarts by its idle self. I back-up all the important files by sticking them on a 10-gig spare harddrive and get ready to re-install.

I find that the Greenhills-acquired installer is also a foil. It fails to re-install XP completely, presenting more problems for my patience and this damned thing of a PC. I am borrowing a hopefully better installer from Chips' friend (also probably a Greenhills-acquired one). I can't get it until Monday, and me and my patience will just have to wait. I forgot to ask my dad when that guy selling slightly used laptops will be coming along.

And so I proceed to do what's next on the agenda - something I haven't done in quite a time - read a book. I used to be such a bookworm, having my nose in a new book every one or two days. I'd go to National Bookstore and sit on the floor and finish a pocketbook in an hour. I picked up Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho from my sister's shelf. It's very different from his usual novels. It's about a prostitute - her battles with life and love, or the absence of both. However different the plot may be, it is in essence the same with those I have read -- The Alchemist and Veronika Decides to Die -- in a sense that it is a lifestory, the losing and finding of oneself and the realization of lost dreams. And it is still a Coelho, because of how the story is crafted, because you are drawn into the innocence of the character, up until the moment she loses it, even if you yourself are not as innocent as she. I am only halfway through the book. I just took some time out to make myself a pesto and cheese grilled sandwhich (thanks to pre-mixed pesto and Kraft cheese slices). I shall go back to the book now.

And yes, the computer is still so goddamn slow.
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  • At 7:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    (at the risk of sounding like a persistent salesperson...) tis worth considering getting a mac :) for not much more money than what you'd spend on a windows laptop, you get no viruses, something that weighs 5 pounds at the most (all internal), no pop-up windows (hehe), 4 hour battery life when new (and still close to 3 even after a year). workhorse. no need to shut down. i know people who shut down once a month or so. all files 100% compatible with windows - can use microsoft word and excel and powerpoint if you want (there's even a virtual pc software that will enable you to run any windows software you want) :)


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger kuya jeff said…

    one. i hope you've partitioned your pc, or have a separate hard drive.

    two. para wala nang pop-up, try using opera, the bestest browser in the world. it allows you to customize web browsing like it stops popups you didn't request. plus, it's not as prone to virus attacks like ie. one time i was in the computer lab in school, (dahil oc ako,nagdadownload ako ng browser na ito sa gagamitin kong pc) i was using opera. nagkanetwork virus, restart ng restart yung mga computer ng lahat ng 39 pcs ng lab (akin lang hindi).

    at ang masaya, customizable ang skin. (biglang bumabaw).

    then you also might want to have adware protection. it detects those that make those windows popup.

    and zonealarm, which basically makes you control the programs that will use you net connection. it's easier for you to monitor which programs would be getting or sending bytes.

    all of these are downloadable from download.com
    look for opera, spybot or adaware, and zonealarm.

  • At 8:31 AM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    kuya jeff: ang galing mo talaga. hulog ka nga ng langit. hehe. i'll get the installer today and i hope all goes well.

    apester: as much as i'd like to take your very convincing salespitch, i have two problems - one, budget, and two, i am stubborn (ask my sister). i really can't imagine being without the right-click. i've tried using a Mac - i end up wanting to kill myself.

  • At 8:44 AM, Blogger animal said…

    Coelho on a Sunday afternoon... nice. I also miss my old insatiable appetite for books. Don’t you love that feeling when you’re sucked into the book like a vortex and you can’t seem to put it down? Nowadays, I can’t seem to finish any book I pick up.

    Speaking of PCs, I just had my first customized PC. I picked out the parts with my bro and watched it being assembled. It was a wonderful geeky rush. Now I just have to wait for the reuter and cable for the DSL to get hooked up. Can't wait!! Btw, as a former MAC (not the makeup) baby, just a lil food for thought. MACs are brilliant user-friendly creations plus they hardly bog down on you. But the accessories and parts are mad expensive compared to others.

  • At 2:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    jayvee says:

    kuya jeff is right. Opera or Mozilla Firefox are good browsers. Stop using Internet Explorer na. These ar edownloadable from the Internet for free.


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