Thursday, December 23, 2004
Here's a shot of my sister during her solo in the recently concluded live rock-dance show, Abandon. As posted in apester's blog, you really got to love live shows. It's a surge of pure talent. I envy these kids for being able to do this. As I sat there watching, I couldn't help but flashback myself into memories of the stage and tech booths.

Anyway, enough about me. Congratulations to the entire team who put up this wonderful production. A standing ovation to the excellent bands (Up Dharma Down & High Beam). Hats off to Apester for pulling this all together. And most importantly, bravo to my sistah. We are just so proud of you.

Bravo. Bravo.

For more pics, click here.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
maybe that's why...
The day that we visited little Zoe, my mom revealed that the doctors actually had to use forceps to get me out and born into this world. And I stare at her in utter amazement, clutching my head... no shit!

I revealed this at our team Christmas Party, having had a hefty serving of Caramel Mudslide. And with that peice of information my boss told me that she'd finally never have to boggle on how and why (I am like this).

So the rest of you who are wondering. I guess this is the answer to the big why.

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Thursday, December 16, 2004
car conclusions
Help! It's Christmas! And the congestion on EDSA (and everywhere else) is getting worse and worse. The government has actually released mandated working hours (Staggered Working Time) in the hope to ease the flow of rush hour traffic. Government offices work from 7am-4pm while private offices are from 9am-6pm. So far, nothing seems to be happening. I left for home at 11:30 the other night and it looked like 8pm traffic.

These times (and other times when I'm bored and alone in the car), I get to notice a lot about car models, driving habits, and their correlations:

1. I notice that Pick-ups and Lite-Aces are the slow ones. They usually are the ones that have slow responses to the green light. Aside from that, they are usually the ones on the middle of the road. No offense to people who own these cars. This is just a conclusion from by observations of the past 5+ years.

2. I also notice that if at night there is a freakingly slow car while traffic could let you get away with 80-90kph, there is a high probability that that car (old or new) has only one headlight or none at all. HELLUR! It's nighttime so you need headlights! This excludes of course all probabilities that the driver is texting, watching a DVD on his LCD, really old or is a virgin driver.

3. Cabs are notorious for getting as near to your car as possible, just to get into your lane. And they do this without even using the signal lights. While buses don't care at all.

4. There are Benzes, Coupes, Beemers and other super cars that are driven by people who are scared shitless of the road and of their car's potential. They are driving slower than my grandparents. It defeats the whole purpose of getting a super car when you're incapable of showing off its super-ness. Sayang ang kotse mo 'pre!

These are my beefs on the road. Got anything to add?
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
some joyful randomness
Last Sunday, December 5, we welcomed a new FozBrat to the realm of FozBratness. My cousin gave birth to a rosy, dimpled baby girl we shall now call Zoe Anne Therese. And she did it without an ounce of anesthesia! I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy! If it was me, I would've told the doctor to stick all the anesthesia humanely possible. Her husband was the one who cut the umbilical cord. Chips would've passed out by then.

On the drive back from a business trip to Enchanted Kingdom, we 3 girls fight it out with 3 goons. It was skinny me, a petite boss, and a model-ish copywriter. Versus a group that looked like the 3 stooges crossed with Fernando Poe Jr.'s mga bata. One of the stooges opened the door of his parked car right smack into my right passenger door (I was trying to park beside the stoogemobile). We won the argument. They probably didn't expect to encounter three amazonas who take the meaning of girl power by heart.

An AE in our team creates her own version of lost conversations. Let's call her Grasya. She writes an email to our client (let's call her Jen). She opens the email with a "Dear Grasya..." and we surmise that she's either probably having an identity crisis or incredibly narcistic. Later that day, she prepares a check to pay off her credit card. She writes on the Payable to line: Grasya (surname). The bank, utterly confused, had to call her to clear up the matter. There's something very wrong. Isa syang disgrasya.

I am on the hunt for a compact, affordable and good enough digital camera. Torn between the Casio Z50 or Z55 and the Canon SD300. Olympus and Nikon look bulky. Sony is overpriced. And I can't use my SD cards with it. Arg. I don't know. I may end up not buying one. Ahem, Christmas gift. Ahem.
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