Monday, January 17, 2005
happy fourth
A recap late in the game, but read it anyway. Last friday, Jan 14, marked our fourth year anniversary (yes, four years!!!). Our celebration actually spanned for two days. On the official day, we planned to have dinner. We both wanted steak. The initial intent was to go to Melo's but then parking in Greenbelt made it impossible. So we settled for Tony Roma's. The people there probably thought we were insane... ordering a combo platter (with ribs and steak) each and an additional grilled chicken ceasar salad. Note that the platter already had two baked potatoes topped with cream cheese, grated cheese, and bacon. Hmmm, getting hungry. Anyway, as if that wasn't enough, we then walked over to Haagen Dazs where Chips got an apple pie topped with strawberry ice cream and I got a scoop of their macadamia nut. Oh yeah, dare I forget to say that the waiter at Tony Roma's was flirting with my boyfriend. He even gave Chips like this privelege card of some sort. Hahaha.

With all the food digesting in our bellies, it was even a miracle that we got up the next day for our trip to Corregidor. Boarding was at 7:30am. And I am sooo not built to wake up at 6am on a Saturday. Argh. We get to the dock and it was a pleasant surprise to see so many people on the tour (foreigners and pinoys). And cute foreigners at that. Okay... focus, Fozzy, focus... you are with your boyfriend. I looked back to my trip to Bangkok and realized that with all the tours, we never got any cute guys riding with us - only to get a good dose of them right here in Pinas. How ironic. Anyway, after 45mins or so of sailing, we dock and choose our tramvias. I think we got lucky with tramvia number 4. We got an old, cheery and sarcastic tourguide. He's like this walking history book - well versed, very candid and very, very smart. He's been there since the tour started, and you really get a feel of how much he loves his job. He also happens to be Ilokano. I think his name was Pablito (or something like that).

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And so we revelled in how rich the island was with history. I marvelled at how brave the people there were. So much so that I felt that it was insane. Pablito actually told us that some sections of the Malinta Tunnel hasn't been cleaned out yet... gasp! so that means that there are still bodies and stuff? Eek. Creepy. Anyhoo, below are some thumbs of our photos. Yup, despite knowing how many people died there, we had the guts to go crazy with the poses. As you can see, Chips went gun-happy.

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I think it's a male thing. And it's a girl thing to be mushy... I really, really don't want to imagine anything else than what I have now. He's quite a good catch, if I may say so myself. Good thing I reeled him in before anyone else could. Haha. I'm a scorpio... I can't help but be proud.
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