Monday, February 26, 2007
migraine season
February hasn't even left us and yet it's been dreadfully hot and dry. Migraines are flying here and there. I was driving myself to work with the fear that my left eye would voluntarily throw itself out into the windshield. One of the assistants in the office had to rush herself to the hospital because she was on the verge of regurgitating.

But -- the ugliest thing about this kind of weather is that the office airconditioning doesn't care if you get pneumonia. So scenario is... you walk in the dead heat of the sun, go into the building where you get a blast of artic artificial air, then go back out to thaw. I swear, whoever thought that this was a great way to motivate the working force... well, he must think that he's really smart.

It also doesn't help that windows don't really abound in our building. I'm literally in a cube. To my right is a wall. Behind me is another desk. I see no windows. I don't get sunlight. The water fountain is one whole stretch of a hallway away. Man, if I was a plant, I would've died already.

They say coffee has this ingredient that helps with headaches. Hold on while I crawl my way to another cup...
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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
sharing of a monstrous vision
Last Friday, Chips and I were having dinner at Figaro Greenbelt. Then Chips called to my attention a monstrous sight. I will do my best to describe the horrendous apparition that came before us. I apologize for not being able to take a picture, as it was moving around and refused capture. Plus, the phonecamera was not exactly meant for night vision.

The said "creature" was young, with other beings of her age. Adults were chaperones. I will blame these people claiming guidance over the one who did not know any better, for letting her frolic freely (and oh so confidently, which is sad). Imagine the un-styled collusion of the following:

One: Animal print leggings. Note that this was worn alone, as bottoms, without the stylish coverage of a miniskirt or a loose flowy blouse. Also note that they are ill-fitting. I cannot fathom a pair of supposedly skin-hugging leggings to actually not fit the skin that one is in, but this pair was a wee bit pudgy on the crotch area.

Two: A tight, brown tank top. Although I have nothing against tight brown tanks as I myself am an avid fan, there is something to be said about wearing a short (belly-button length) one together with animal print leggings that is pudgy at the crotch.

Three: A stretch waist belt (the type that crinkles). Again, I am a supporter of the waisted belt trend. But for a 2-inch bronze belt to be worn over a short, tight tank atop animal print leggings -- it is an amalgamation of horrors.

Four: A tailored, cropped short-sleeved jacket of the cream color. To be worn with a tank top is not a crime. But please note that it is worn with the growing fashion feast of wrongness.

Five: Cream square-tipped shoes. Not pumps. Nor sandals. More of loafer-ish. With a wedged heel. Need I say more.

Six: A carnation pink chain-type shoulder bag. And when you thought it couldn't get any worse...

Seven: A thick animal print head band to top it all off.

I have collected some photo references, for your appreciation. I must say though, that these items can be worn stylishly, selectively combined or separately, but not in such a violative overflowing manner of horridness. I know, I'm mean. But can you just imagine all of this walking around care of just one lost and unjustifiably confident victim?
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Tuesday, February 13, 2007
the day of the love

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It's that time of the year again. When styro cut-out hearts and sweet glittery swirls surround you. Boxes of ruffled chocolates. Silly dressed-up stuffed toys. Ballads of outpouring emotions. Gifts wrapped in shimmery paper. Cards that play when you press a button.

I hope I get none of those for Valentine's. Yah, call me a party pooper. Your valentine scrooge. I really don't feel the need. You'll be clamoring for a table reservation in a restaurant filled with mushy-wushy couples. You'll be strolling along holding-hands along with throngs of people doing the same thing. Oh I'd so hate to be the girl lugging a bouquet of flowers around. Or one of those bears holding little printed balloons. Come on, is that a statement of love or of ordinary conformity? I say that it means he can't think of anything else. The last thing I'd want to have is that day's commodity.

Yah well, I'd like to think of myself as not an ordinary kind of girl. And I love being surprised by something different. Because it means that it was given thought. It means that I mean something more than the usual. Now that, my dear, is a sign that he cares, that he knows you, that he wants it to be memorable. I mean, if you can't think of anything else to do, then just have a quiet cup of coffee at home and talk. That's as bare and sincere a heartfelt expression can get. Which is better, I think, than letting a balloon speak for you.

Am I being difficult? Maybe I just enjoy being difficult. But isn't that the challenge? The thrill? When you are able to surprise and go beyond what is expected? Well, for me at least.

Good thing I have someone who's always up for the challenge :)

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Monday, February 12, 2007
crossing the film with the digital
I'm having some kind of disconnect now. I was in Singapore last week and I spent my money buying film. Yes, film. I didn't even get to buy a pair of shoes *gasp!* can that even be true!?? Sad to say, yes.

I also spent my time looking for accessories to Chips' newly bought toy. So many numbers and acronyms... gah. Talking digital shop with people is like being in a P&G meeting. I so wanted to buy him a fisheye lens. Just because it's cool. But I didn't because it's so goddamn expensive.

I didn't bring a digital camera with me for the trip. I didn't think it would add any value. I already had my LC-A. Two metal bodies in a bag would be heavy. And another one thing, you can't cross-process a digital file. Okay fine, you can photoshop it. But where's the suspense if you control everything? I'm in the process of injecting the idea of Lomo-mods into Chips' digital toy. Like a Holga lens. Or a Lensbaby. We're both excited about it, but well... budget barrier. Why do these little things cost so much time and money. Demmit.

There's something hypnotic about crashing colors and vignettes. I'm still under that spell. And my digicam is wondering when the hell I'm gonna get out of it.

For now, I just thank God that I don't have a credit card.

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