Monday, February 26, 2007
migraine season
February hasn't even left us and yet it's been dreadfully hot and dry. Migraines are flying here and there. I was driving myself to work with the fear that my left eye would voluntarily throw itself out into the windshield. One of the assistants in the office had to rush herself to the hospital because she was on the verge of regurgitating.

But -- the ugliest thing about this kind of weather is that the office airconditioning doesn't care if you get pneumonia. So scenario is... you walk in the dead heat of the sun, go into the building where you get a blast of artic artificial air, then go back out to thaw. I swear, whoever thought that this was a great way to motivate the working force... well, he must think that he's really smart.

It also doesn't help that windows don't really abound in our building. I'm literally in a cube. To my right is a wall. Behind me is another desk. I see no windows. I don't get sunlight. The water fountain is one whole stretch of a hallway away. Man, if I was a plant, I would've died already.

They say coffee has this ingredient that helps with headaches. Hold on while I crawl my way to another cup...
dezphaire strapped in @ 10:18 AM  


  • At 1:47 PM, Blogger vina said…

    haha. i'm guessing the temperature is like, 19 to 21/22 degrees?

    it's pretty much the same thing here in the office maybe 2 years ago, when we just transferred. my officemates and i got to wear trench and thicker coats, ha! but then, we just looked plain stupid and freaking hot once we got out.

    it's okay here now. currently, it's 24 degrees. not bad.

  • At 10:52 PM, Blogger Abaniko said…

    That's why I have three different jackets at the office. Well, cold is much better than hot temperature. If it's hot, you can't take off your clothes at the office, can you? :D


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