Tuesday, October 30, 2007
i became an island girl for 5 days
This post is quite late, considering I'm recounting something that happened almost 2 weeks ago. This is going to be about a vacation I took, a much deserved one, I would like to think. Since the death of this year's summer, we've been cooped up in the artificially lit and ventilated corporate world. It was a perfect time to finally break free and rid myself of all this stress that seemed to be accumulating for the greater good of nothing.

So from October 11 to 15, I was voluntarily stranded on this beautiful little island 45 minutes off of the Bohol mainland. Okay fine, I did go on the Bohol day tour on the first day (where I enjoyed the 24-foot python more than the tarsier). And after that wonderful day, we retreated to Pamilacan Island. You take a boat from the Loboc port, head off into the sea, and in 45 minutes or so, you'll find yourself in your own little paradise. Well, at least it was my little paradise for 5 days. We stayed in Pueblo de Pamilacan, where we paid 800 per person per night. It was inclusive of all the 3 meals -- you'd see fishermen walking around with their catch of the day while you eat your breakfast and that shall be your lunch (or dinner).

It was utter detoxification. Devoid of any form of civilization (except maybe for our cellular phones that we didn't turn on anyway). Electricity was turned on from 6-11pm only. There was no running fresh water. So we had a manual labor kind of toilet. Water was rainwater that you'd have to carry by buckets. Conservation was key! I can't believe that I loved it. I can't believe that I actually want to go back.

I took the little island for granted when we first landed on its shores. But then the beauty of it just engulfs you. I couldn't stop taking pictures. I couldn't stop gawking. Every minute, the sky seemed to change. It was like a slide show on a 360-degree screen. For some reason, the sky was huge and overpowering. And it was wonderful. After 5 days, we still felt like we missed something.

Most of the tourists just stay for lunch in the island, after their dolphin watching in the morning. Oh yah, we got to see a family of wild dolphins! Even pilot whales. It was an adrenaline rush, actually see them spinning out of the water. When you're lucky, you'd even get to see a shark or two. And when you're really lucky, humpback whales. Anyways, an afternoon's stay there is not enough. Because you MUST see the sunset against the spanish watch tower. And you MUST go snorkling (you just walk a bit from the shore and there are fishies everywhere). And you MUST take a photo of what they call the "Small Island" -- it's a big rock in the middle of the sea with trees growing on it. And you MUST spend time with the locals because they will make you fall out of love with your busy over-achieving life in the city and make you fall madly in love with their simplicity and appreciation of the beauty that God has created for all of us.

If you'd like to see to believe, do visit our galleries for more photos: click here and here and here... plus digital shots from Chips' D80 are here and here.

If you'd like to consider visiting this island for your next trip out of civilization, do YM me (id: dezphaire) and I can help you contact the people necessary.
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