Monday, September 27, 2004
doses of testosterone
I don't get to hang out with guys anymore (a stark contrast from my college days). For one thing, my whole account group is made up of females. On the creatives side, well, the team's 100% male copywriter resigned. That leaves the encounters with testosterone down to our Creative Director, who isn't so much male. So it's more of testrogen than anything else. There are other people down in our 8th floor who are male... not the types you'd want to chat over coffee with though.

Thank God for my boyfriend, and the male-dominated industry he's in (I'd like to generalize at this point). Friday nights at Greenbelt with beer (they drink, I eat Ice Monster), pulutan, hearty laughter and sly remarks. There are two guys doing Jimmy Santos impressions alternated with "Sumusunod" Jaboom Twins dance moves and recitations of that a butchikik song. No gossip (well, a few), no high pitched shrieks, and I get to be witness to how guys ogle at girls with short skirts... and laugh at them when these short-skirted beings are revealed to be their former male counterparts. I find that I enjoy their company a lot. Maybe because it's a refreshing break from all the estrogen going around in the office. Maybe because the truth is, guys are waaaaaaay meaner than girls (which I enjoy). For example, at the sight of a lady who shouldn't for the life of mankind be wearing a miniskirt (hint: lifesavers down below), I say: "packshet, that is just soooo wrong" while they say: "excuse me miss, 'san ang sawsawan?". At the end of the night, we all got too much air in our bellies, cramping jaws and teary eyes.

This weekend, we went to a birthday party of one of Chips' old friends. We met up with his former fencing team, again a male-dominated bunch. And true to their species, walang-hiyaan ang lokohan. They kid me about my hair, pulling in lines from the Rejoice "Rebond" tvc. I play along and later realize that they may really think my hair is rebonded. It's 100% natural, excuse me. But it's too late for a defense plan. How can you rack sense into guys that have had a round of Bacardi shots and an unhealthy serving of beer anyway.

Now I'm back to my estrogen planet. And I'd like to think that however buff and manly males think (and claim) they are, we women are as manipulative and conniving. Last week I heard this topic on a radio station, obviously thought up by the male DJ: why do women think they can change men? I texted in my simple answer: because we can.
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