Tuesday, January 30, 2007
vanity strikes

vanity strikes
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This is what happens when you have a new toy with you as you go shopping. Mango was going about its end-of-season sale. The dress I'm wearing in the photo was down to 2,000Php (wow, like that made it all of a sudden affordable). I decided to relegate the funds to more purchases of film.

I always like going into the sales of high-end stores. Even if i'm 90% sure I would end up buying nothing. I'm just hoping somehow I'd stumble across a great find. There was this time I got my hands on this very glam puffa vest at Mango. The tag said 799Php. WOW goddammit I can't let this pass! I was hanging onto it for dear life as I browsed through the rest of the racks. When I was about to pay for it, the counter lady said it was tagged wrong. And that it was actually 1,000++ something. ACK! The horror. The dismay. I knew it was too good to be true.

I'm such a cheapskate. Maybe I should just stick to ukay. And make it glam by virtue of personality.

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Monday, January 29, 2007
aggressive filmititis

film is a drug
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This is how insane the said disease can get. The measure? If you have more film in your refrigerator vs. food. It is fatal if you don't care about expiration dates anymore, because this non-caring can very well carry over to expiration dates you SHOULD worry about -- like of those you actually ingest.

The cure has yet to be found. Suggested approach of therapy is to purchase yourself a mega digital SLR, so you may amuse yourself with its functions. Further treatments shall include lens lusting and acquisition of other such extensions.

Sad to say, I'm having manifestations of this ailment. But I'm taking it one tupperware of film at a time.

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Friday, January 26, 2007
another camera post

digital are we?
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This boy here will be very happy this weekend. Because he's just decided that he will be getting a Canon DSLR. The model number escapes me right now, but I'm sure it's going to be a bundle of technological joy. Far more than that compact camera stuck to the tri-pod.

On the film point, I am very very happy with the second-hand LC-A I got. I'm so excited to take it through a black and white film spin.

Happy Weekend guys!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
i've been elsewhere
Dear Blog,

I'm sorry for neglecting you for the past couple of days. It's not that I've forgotten you. It may be that I've been disproportionately focused with Mr. Multiply and The Flickr. I promise to write about something soon. I don't know if you'd like another picture post. I'm still high about my latest toy. And I might yammer about that again.

On a brighter note, I'm still waiting for another stash of film. So when the high subsides, I may just write more. I don't know yet.

Thanks for just being there.

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Monday, January 15, 2007
we're six i can't believe it!
I really can't. Every year we celebrate it, I still can't believe it. That he could actually stand me for this prolonged a time. Haha. It feels like... well, not this long. Feels like it wasn't long at all. I am so not coherent this morning. Well, enough of the mush. I'll just recount how we celebrated, okay?

I actually got up before lunch on Saturday. We were going to drive up to Tagaytay and have a go at Bag of Beans. It's just a bit of a drive from the town proper, on the right side of the highway. It was cozy and very home-y. Quite like a Sonya's Garden. Except that the dishes were made for the carnivorous (like me!). Their Sheperd's pie was absolutely delicious. And for dessert, make sure to get their Apple Pie. Best if accompanied with their brewed coffee.

I brought along my new toy. It's a shame we didn't get a picture of us together with it, because it didn't have a timer. But we did have our digital camera. I love sunlight. Natural light makes for a winning concealer of eyebags.

Sunday, the official anniv date, we went to hear mass together. And the gospel was about that Wedding at Cana (is God telling us something?). And the priest made this spin about the running out of wine being a symbol of how marriage/relationships lose their spirit and become watered down after some time. Well, I'm very thankful how we haven't gotten to the watered down bit. I'm praying that we don't. And I'm not wanting to get ahead of myself. So I'll stop talking now. That's too waaaaaaaaay ahead that it's scary.

Oh yah, let me just say that I succeeded in surprising Chips. I got him a Supersampler. He was so cute, his feet were flapping as he was tinkering with the camera. Now that's literally spreading the lomolove.

Cheers to us, baby! Mwah!
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
extra charge for a banana
I am not really ranting about service. I just don't get the logic. Or maybe there isn't really any logic. You be the judge:

We were eating lunch at Pancake House today. And I really wanted this Vanilla French Toast thing that they had going. It had mango slices, french toast, and two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Beautiful. After a few minutes, the waitress approaches me and informs me that they don't have any mangos anymore. They can only give me peaches. But I didn't want peaches. I don't eat peaches. So I ask if it can be replaced by bananas. Which in my mind, should be possible. Because it's a fruit replacing another fruit. She goes back in to confirm. As she returns, she tells me that getting a banana will result to an extra charge. I am bewildered at that point. Isn't a banana even cheaper than a peach? Why will they charge me extra for a banana? I'm not getting the peach. It's called a replacement.

In the end, I wanted to really eat the thing but without the peach. I opted to just get charged for the friggin banana. The dessert was heavenly. I loved it. But at the back of my head I still kept thinking... why the hell did they charge me extra for a cheaper fruit that replaced the original one?

If I was a monkey, I'd be really pissed and throw a fit. But I am not a monkey. So there.
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Sunday, January 07, 2007
the cinefilm and AFX experiment
Dear Readers,

This will be another post on my regression to film photography. If you have been following said travel into this world, you would know that I recently acquired a new camera, the Holga AFX. This will be the first showcase of the rolls from the camera. I used cinefilm loaded into 35mm canisters. They were processed as negatives. Results are more unpredictable vs. regular negatives. Yes, I am all for unpredictability! And that is indeed what I got.

The first lab we went to were scared shitless that the films came out with blots and scratches. Some parts were even becoming smudged and erased (I'd probably only get 8-12 shots surviving per roll). So the scanning lab didn't want to accept one roll. I found a branch that didn't care about the dirty film and went ahead to print it.

And here, dear readers, I present my favorite shots from that discriminated roll.
feets afx
drummer boy afx
the afx version of the woca one

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
i couldn't fit into the jeans i bought before christmas
Chips and I got each other a pair of jeans for Christmas. I chose these skinny jeans. I was saving them for the New Years mass. So when I wore them... or tried to wear them... *gasp* I really had to suck that tummy in! My gooooodnesssss!!!

I had to wear a billowy loose top to cover up the unfit-ness of the jeans. And I couldn't really sit properly because the jeans were obstructing proper air intake. Hahaha. That's for eating almost every 2 hours and going to the fiesta in Bulacan (at dad's hometown). I ate more Lechon in the past 2 weeks than the whole of 2006 I think.

We didn't have much fireworks for the New Year. Usually we went up to Ilocos Norte (my mom's hometown) to celebrate. But since we had a couple of balikbayans visiting, we just spent it with them at the house. Fireworks were care of the chinese people in the neighborhood. We just craned our necks to different directions. Then we had pasta and fiesta ham as a midnight "snack". I can't believe how much food we had for the holidays.

Happy New Year everyone! Any resolutions for 2007? I don't make any. But I'll try to be good. "Try" being the operative word.
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