Monday, April 23, 2007
Lakbay Lomo!
Yehey Lomomanilah! The Lakbay Lomo walls are now officially open. Do take a look-see and be overwhelmed by the conglomeration of the wild, sometimes blurry, eye-stinging magic of a film camera taken on the road. The exhibit will be up until the end of May at the DPI Gallery (2F Astoria Suites, Ortigas Center, Pasig).

We managed to take a class picture before everyone got lasheng. Some members were tardy or absent. Hala, principal's office kayo. Hehe. Joke.

photo by Bong

photo by Eric

I love this to bits. I'm addicted like anything. It's the only one keeping the insanity seem like it's not too bad. Or maybe the other way around. Now I'm wondering which is the lesser evil... my addiction to film or my constant drive to buy shoes.
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Wednesday, April 18, 2007
i need help
Am I depressed? Am I disturbed? Or am I just plain impractically shopping like crazy? Well, some of them are downright steals. But some I regret. But well, maybe they will do some good sometime in the future. Take my recent purchases for this month...

Colorsplash Flash (2nd hand). Cost: 1,000 Php. I think it's a steal. Even if it was sold without the filters. It's like a 75% discount. I'm happy. I'll go on the lomodrug soon again. Wee.

Jersey one-piece short-and-tank thing. Cost: 400 Php. It was cute. It was a nice color of pink. It was supposed to be just an underthing for a sheer kaftan. Chips said that I didn't need to fit it. It would look good. But when I got home, it was just plain GAH. Now what do I do with this thing...

Over 70 rolls of professional film. Yah, I'm crazy. I had my lovely cousin bid on it for me on eBay. Since historically, I've been so unlucky. He won! Yey! I guess that will reach me in a month or so. It's such a bargain. Like, less than 50 Php per roll. Wow. Can't wait.

Black pumps. I could've sworn they fit me in Singapore. They are now in the possession of my sister. I sold it to her for 500 Php. At least I got some form of money back.

Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim. Cost: 800-900 Php. Still to be determined based on shipping costs. I really can't wait for this camera. If you surf Flickr for it, you'd yearn for its beauty too. Two more weeks of waiting...

What in the world is making me think that I actually have money?
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Monday, April 16, 2007
it's so packing hot!!!
The humidity today was unbearable. I was supposed to go out for a nail salon extravaganza, but I couldn't imagine even walking out of my room, into the garage and getting into a car that has baked outside all day. And getting dressed (decently) for church was taxing. As early as now, I'm already at a loss as to how I'm going to get dressed for work tomorrow. Argh! Now if only they'd allow shorts and flip-flops. Ha. How I wish.

I bought a pair of cute black pumps from Singapore. Now it's either my feet swelled up a size bigger, or they shrunk. Did that have something to do with the heat too? Damn! So I can't wear my beautiful new shoes anymore? Does this mean I need to wait for cooler weather!?? Double argh! I do hope that I get to wear them. Shit. They're so pretty.

Today, we went up to 34 degrees. And you know what? It doesn't stop there! Per the weather forecast people, we'd go up to 35 degrees come April 18-19! Dammit!

So if you thought today was packing hot, next week will be packing hotter!

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Sunday, April 15, 2007
it feels good to have clean feet
For the entire afternoon (and night) of Saturday, Lomomanila members were at Lolo At's studio to prep our detachable "walls" for our exhibit at DPI. The exhibit is going to be launched on April 21 with a theme "Lakbay Lomo" -- showcasing panels of 4R photo prints on anything to do with travelling.

So there we were... sticky, crouched on the tarpaulin laden floor... barefoot, acting as living depositories of germs and dust. I'm a still bit incoherent. My thumbs hurt from rolling up and plastering these blue re-usable adhesive tacks (which we just call kulangot). The walls look brilliant. All hard work paid off. We just hope that the adhesive tacks do their job until the actual opening of the exhibit.

All I can really say for sure... is that it really fucking feels good to have clean feet.
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Monday, April 09, 2007
there i go again
I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow (or should I say later). I've got 4 more hours left for sleep. Should I be excited? I'm not that up for it really. I'm going to pluck myself out of my planned holiday - of just lounging around and probably heading off for some ukay-ukay in the afternoon. As we speak a college friend is throwing a birthday drinking session. I of course couldn't hang in until the wee hours because I have to be conscious enough to fly alone and get there still sane, without any limbs missing.

Yup, I'll be spending my now defunct declared non-working holiday alone on a plane, on the first flight out to Singapore. I need to be in the airport by 6 in the freakin morning. I had no energy or motivation to buy dollars. So I don't know... maybe I'll just loiter around. Scrimping on food so I'd get to buy a pair of shoes. Or maybe film. Or maybe I'll just be a devil enough to use what's left in my debit card account.

If anyone's wondering, this trip is for business. Far from pleasure. It's going to be one of those sessions where they sift through the last of your working braincells for "provoking" ideas. Whatever. I'll try to be productive sans the bitterness.

The good thing about it is that I'm going to take a leave on Friday. Come on, I deserve a holiday. I hope there's free internet. If not, well... blog you when I blog you. Ciao!
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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
I hate it when you don't want to.
But they make you.
The insides of my skin crawl with anger.
But you feel like you have no choice.
Or else.

Say --
Everything is okay.
Yeah, the HELL it is.

And it doesn't matter.

And they seem to not really care.
Because they want to do it anyway.

It's not work.
It's more like rape.
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you've used up all your coupons
And all you've got left is me.

I really don't feel like writing a whole litany of stuff about my life right now. Let's just play this song.
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