Wednesday, July 07, 2004
unpeeled, black and under the rain
The sun is out. Out, as in no more. It's the rainy season and people are trading in their vibrant skimpy outfits for dull jackets and sometimes un-stylish boots.

Let's backtrack to summer a bit. There was Boracay, Puerto Galera and Batangas. Let's just say that I really looked like it was summer. A couple of weeks passed from the beach extravaganzas. I bumped into our President/CEO in the Pantry one morning:

RGI: Fozzy, you're still black
for perspective, Fozzy is my nickname
Dez: Yes sir, I don't seem to fade...
Note that the above conversation happened almost a month after the beaches.

Fastforward to yesterday, as I was meeting with our Below-the-Line people for an event we were planning. The designated coordinator strikes up a convy via:

Nathan: Fozzy, it looks like you got darker. Did you beach?
Dez: Ummm no. I really don't fade... I'm stuck with this.
Note again, that this happened weeks after a 2nd Batangas trip that was crashed by a sudden thunderstorm. Malala diba?

From the looks of it, I will stay unpeeled and tanned either until I get more tanned, or until I shower myself with my mother's whitening products. So as of now, I'm still black.

End of.

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