Friday, July 30, 2004
my new keyboard
I complained to the IT department that my keyboard impairs my work.  The shift key locks itself.  So there are times, unbeknownst to me, that half of the sentence is in all-caps after I shift to capitalize the first letter.  It gets quite annoying.

They promptly replaced it with a spanking new keyboard.  The keys aren't as protruded as the old one.  Hindi masyado naka-umbok, kung baga.  They're flat... and soft.  Makunat.  They don't make that nice crackling sound.  They don't make that crunchy clacking sound that I love to hear when I'm furiously typing away.  That sound gives me a high.  It enhances the typing experience.  It assures me (and tells the people around me) that I am typing... working... on something.

I need to exert extra effort with this new keyboard.  The keys are practically embedded into the base.  I need to press harder.  Because sometimes I miss letters... I can type without looking and when I do look, I find that some words are missing letters or that words are sticking together because I apparently didn't press the space bar hard enough.  Leche.  Now I miss my old keyboard.  But then again, there's that annoying shift key.

Can nothing be perfect?

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