Friday, October 22, 2004
if there be demons
If there are, you can probably find some on the 6th floor of the DAO Condominium in Salcedo street, Legaspi Village. To those in advertising, this address would be all too familiar (especially to AE's). It's the place to be. Here's where you make the most of your ability to fake a genuine smile. It's where you test your patience, and your "negotiation" skills... as well as how good you are in keeping from throwing up as you realize how much bullshit is actually being spurted out from your mouth.

The people here are one of a kind. There's the secretary who refuses to answer any questions. There's Tita N who's a volcano always waiting to erupt. I've purchased 3 crochet celphone holders from her just to temper the lava. There's O, who never arrives on time - screening is from 10-12 and he arrives at an average time of, well, 12. Then he smokes, laughs, and signs on the stamp. There's the power-tripping demons Y and C, who just love to piss everyone off. Panel here, panel there, panel everywhere. They are the most unorganized, incoherent bunch of people I've ever met. Naked of integrity and respectfulness. They lose certifications, misplace flat labels, forget letters, they retract approvals. And the advertising industry is at their mercy.

This week we were given a survey on their performance. Questions like: does the director have a firm grasp of the code of ethics, are the staff always courteous, do they maintain punctuality... those evaluation stuff. See, the kicker here are such qualifiers as "firm" and "always". I'm sorry, pero hindi. So fail, fail, fail, fail. Overall rating? Fail. It's not much of revenge for all the turmoil they've caused me... but at least it's something. And I felt good after.
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  • At 12:46 AM, Blogger kuya jeff said…

    i woke up at four yesterday because a rat bit me. how many times in your life have you dozed off soundly and get nibbled by a rat?

    anyway, because you wrote this, i sense much fear in you. fear is the path of the dark side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.
    it's funnier if you hear me do this impersonation.

    ate, it's not your suffering nga pala, theirs. i'll lend you darth maul's lightsaber so you can wack them to kingdom come. (may sounds at lights effect), hingin mo sa akin pag nagsimba ka.

    when i was in high school (that traffic blackhole of a school LSGH) i had really bad classmates, as in, mga rich na magmamana lang ng kayamanan kaya walang katinuan sa buhay, i drew this huge inverted seven-pointed star on the side of the teacher's table in front of me. let's just say everyone thought i can kill them (a teacher died that year).

    i'm not suggesting anything except wacking them to oblivion with my lightsaber.

  • At 7:53 AM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    the last time i went to adboard i brought my latest project, The Art of Murder. to those who where there and thought it was an instructional manual, well, i hope it leaves some message. next time i'll probably bring my witchcraft book...


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