Wednesday, October 13, 2004
some updates and musings
I am once again putting off the impending toil of a pre-production call report and a competitive copy analysis. So given the little time I have to blog while my bosses are out for a meeting, here are just some updates and confirmed learnings (such an AE word):

1. I am at chapter 4 of The Art of Murder. One murder has already transpired. The author pays a lot of attention in establishing a situation, a look, a person - paragraphs can be devoted to a description of one thing. It is, however, written engagingly well, and does not come across as a Jane Austen.

2. My K700i is doing well. I love the camera. I've gotten used to the fact that the space is on the hash key, not on the zero. And that the caps control is on the pound sign and not on the hash. I continue to miss the fact that in Nokia, you can type in the name as you search the Contacts.

3. The car is back from the shop and is running very well. I am having second thoughts as to whether or not to let go of it. But I have to let go. Arg. I'm so attached.

4. I've learned from Chips that when parking (especially at bazaars), avoid parking beside mini-vans or the like. They would usually be the vendors who will have to maneuver rods and racks into the car, which could probably scratch your car if they were clumsy. This was confirmed as we witnessed a brand-new X-Trail get chipped at the bumper by a sudden unfolding of a steel folding table.

5. In ukay-ukay, not even the detergent you so strongly believe in (aside from being your client) can take out the stains. Dinginess could be managed, but stains will almost never come out. No matter how cute the thing is, if it has a stain, drop it. The stain could very well be older than you.

For anyone who cares, these are the goings-on in my life this week. Notice that not much is actually happening. On a side note, maybe the next post will be a list of ukay-ukay places, since I write about them so often. Magpaka-fashion naman tayo. Hanggang sa muli.
dezphaire strapped in @ 11:58 AM  


  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    was going through some phones the past week and man, maganda ang k700i :) and a list of ukay places would be great! thinking of trying to set up a small tiangge in UP to raise funds for superstar... hm. that statement wasn't much related to anything, was it :)



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