Tuesday, October 19, 2004
inching towards survival
This just redefines hell week for me. I never realized how many things can go wrong in one day. In the past maybe it's just a new wrong thing every two or three days. This time, it's a minimum of one new wrong thing every day. Horrid isn't it.

But okay, I've been just so bitter that it may not be helping even the morale of my precious readers. So here are some simple things that I've thought about today, that somehow placed a smile on my face and helped me keep the murderous musings in control.

1. My new mousepad. It's the one with this little bubble on one end to rest your wrist on. It's so comfortable and squishy. I recommend everyone to get one (unless you're using a trackpad or a pen mouse). It's fun and you won't get callused. Chips got this for me as a gift and it sure beats flowers.

2. The smell of real leather. I borrowed my mom's pink leather bag today. It smells so good. And when I get a whiff of it, it kinda makes a smile creep in... you know, like when you're smelling good steak.

3. Kitchie Nadal's song "Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin". Beautiful song. End of.

4. The cheerful parking attendant at Makati Cinema Square. Chips and I had dinner at the KFC branch there. That guy was so nice and cheery, it was contagious. He made it seem that the world had no problems.

5. Pistachio nuts. They're addictive, they're crunchy, and they're hella good. Get the Toby's ones... cheap and way better than the imported kind.

6. Writing. I don't get to write poetry as much anymore. But at least I got this blog. Hope all of you are enjoying yourselves.

Ok. Need to leave the office now...
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