Friday, October 29, 2004
trick or treat
I love halloween. We get to scare kiddies. Every year, we hold a trick-or-treat for the kids and pumpkins of the agency. There's a most haunted room contest and a costume contest. The best room was always (as expected) that of the Creatives. However the past couple of years saw the emergence of unlikely competitors - the Research department and the Events department.

The Research guys made smart use of the FGD room and the two-way mirror, making it look like a laboratory and an autopsy gone wrong (I have no idea where they got their innards props). Of course, you'd always want people hidden under the tables and grabbing the feet of kids ready to pee with fright.

We didn't really dress up our room. It was just me and Tin, dressed in skirts and veils, with hair strewn all over the place. Then we had plastic cockroaches, centipedes and spiders all over the floor and stuck to the wall (two kilos of them, in fact). No lights, just a flashlight that guided them through the corridors. Lala was psycho enough to tape each roach to the floor so that whatever kicking was done, it wouldn't budge. Spiders were stuck to the wall in clusters, and it looked like an attack from some horror b-movie. Creepy, really.

Ironically, more moms and yaya's were scared than the kids. The kids were more scared of me and Tin, screaming "Sadako! Sadako!" Oh well. We made one or two kids cry. It's just so much fun hearing them scream "daddy ayoko naaaa!" After our room, the mothers cursed us because the kids didn't want to walk on the floor anymore (any floor for that matter).

Yah, you gotta love this time of year. You get to make kiddies cry and their parents won't kill you for it.


On a side note, yesterday I had a mini-reunion of sorts. I was at the Manila Peninsula, attending the awarding of Medtech Scholarships to 15 lucky geniuses. This was a nationwide scholarship program between Safeguard and PAMET. I tell you, these kids are waaaaay over their heads. They don't have a grade lower than 90. And it's so touching to see their parents crying and all as they take their places on the stage.

As the programme drew to a close, they had surprise guests - the Acafellas. Man, I haven't seen these guys from college. I was sitting in front wondering if Robi or Ikey even see me (or recognize me, since I was in a girly dress). Anyway, after the show we got to catch up a bit. And I was just amazed at the unlikeliness. I've never gone to any of their gigs and here I see them in a P&G event. Okay. Nice. My officemate has a crush on one of them too. Hehe.

It was fun :) That was a happy moment.
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