Monday, October 25, 2004
weekend review
Saturday. After a horrendous week, I thought that I deserved a helluva-good weekend. Chips and I went to Shang to watch House of Flying Daggers. A beautiful film. I've heard word going around that it's not that nice... because the flying daggers weren't believable. I stick my tongue out to their general direction. What are they talking about? The scenes were beautiful. Nevermind the daggers. You'd get so close to the fight scenes that you'd fear for the life of the cameraman. Cinematography? Splendid. Even if you were reading through the story via subtitles, the actors made you connect so vividly to everything their characters were feeling. The soundtrack was also stunning... it heightened every sensation - suspense, love, fear... whatever. I wanted to give a standing ovation after. And by the way, Takeshi Kaneshiro is way hot. I am so going to get the original DVD.

I'd also have to say kudos to those who revamped the Shang movie house. Great seats, celebratory sounds, and the floors weren't sticky. And if you're planning to watch a film like Flying Daggers, watch it in a kick-ass theater like that of Shang.

Oh yeah we again previewed a snippet of Batman Begins. I can't wait. Christian Bale. Yum.

Sunday. Woke up at 3PM. Went to mass at 4 and waited for Chips. We were to play badminton today. Nothing like smashing a helpless shuttlecock to release stress. Got my sister to tag along and she got a high-school friend of hers to tag along too. We get to Valle Country Club and start a game and just prove that hand-eye-shuttlecock coordination wasn't a really great strength of our sisterhood. However, we did get to play a good game - a noisy one at that.

Later on, Chips' dad, sister and brother arrive. More helpless shuttlecock smashing. Chips' dad is so cute - he doesn't even need to jump to hit a high one (he's 6'2"). And we teamed him up with my sister, a ballet dancer who quips everytime she swings the racket, and who's just about up to his shoulder. Haha. Anyway, it was a good game. I can foresee the pain that will rise up later on.

Sister and I get home and she shows me her latest DVD conquests - My Fair Lady, Monty Python's The Life of Brian, and Romeo and Juliet (the ballet). We decide to give ourselves a laugh and watch The Life of Brian. Hilarious! Relentless british comedy. A must-see for people who want to know what it would be like if Pontious Pilate couldn't pronounce his R's. Nevermind the poor production value (it was made in 1979 for heaven's sake). The puns are so funny. And what's amazing is that there are only 6 main actors. Cool huh.

So it was a generally good weekend. I'll surf about Takeshi Kaneshiro more. And I hope Chips can find time to go to Makati Cinema Square and get me that Chungking Express DVD :)
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  • At 8:52 AM, Blogger Vixen said…

    Hi, this movie is the best i ever seen. Fantastic! Very artistic and colourful.Love the fighting scene too.I give this movie 10/10.With 2 great looking guys....Takashi and Tony ..but unfortunately, I can't concentrate much on them cuz my eyes were glued to the subtitles most of the time..I have to watch it again.. this time no reading of subtitles..jus want to watch the guys.. hehhehee. A must to have the dvd!! Lately watched a film "2046"..a very long film. Staring Tony Leung,Ziyi,Faye Wong.

  • At 4:59 PM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    So true. This is the best I've seen for this year. I'm looking for this film of Takeshi K called "Chungking Express" and I hope that I'd somehow find it. I heard there's another cute guy there too...

  • At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    chungking express shouldn't be hard to find :) and if you like it, check out the other wong kar-wai film 'in the mood for love' (that is, if you haven't seen it yet)- inspiration ng 'lost in translation.' but they're um, slowly paced :)

    (stick your tongue out at their general direction.. hehe.)

  • At 11:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    house of flying daggers was a good movie :) i wrote a review somewhere in my blog but im too lazy to post the link.

    do try wong kar wai!

    sana u went to the party even though konti lang tao. ;)

    mr. jayvee


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