Wednesday, July 20, 2005
the long tag of threes
Because Asphaire and Animal so beautifully tagged me, here is the fruit of my stalling brain's labor. I thought that answering these would be simple. Harumph. Wrong. Not at all. Not to say that it wasn't fun though. So anyway, here we go. Tada!

Names you go by
1. Anna
2. Fozzy
3. Foz

3 screen names you have had
1. kaische
2. dezphaire
3. anna^foz

3 physical things you like about yourself
1. eyes
2. hair
3. nails

3 physical things you don't like about yourself
1. hips - they increase the impossibility of finding a perfect dress
2. teeth - they're waaay too big for my jaw's own good
3. vision - as in i'm on the road to becoming legally blind

3 parts of your heritage
1. Filipino (mostly)
2. Spanish
3. Chinese

3 things that scare you
1. Butterflies
2. Drowning
3. People plotting against you

3 of your everyday essentials (3 C's)
1. Coffee
2. Contact lenses
3. Chips (if not being with, at least talking to)

3 of your favorite musical artists
1. Tori Amos
2. Lenny Kravitz
3. Does Andrew Lloyd Weber count?

3 of your favorites
1. Gethsemane - from Jesus Christ Superstar
2. Sad but True - Metallica
3. Amber Waves - Tori Amos

3 things you want in a relationship
1. Trust. Goes hand in hand with honesty. Because you'd never have the feeling that you'd have to hide or lie or make accusations about anything.
2. Not running out of things to talk about. Not getting bored with each other.
3. Contentment. It's that deep sigh of joy you release when you're in each other's arms.

3 lies and truths in no particular order
1. I'm not afraid of gore.
2. "Everything will be okay" (I hate this line but it makes everyone warm and fuzzy anyway)
3. I can bike. For the lack of any better lie.
1. The other lane is always faster.
2. I suck at math. It doesn't take long to figure this out.
3. Assume nothing (thanks Grissom).

3 physical things about the opposite sex that appeals to you
1. An angled face i.e. cheekbones, jaw, cleft chin. No baby faces.
2. Height. He should aesthetically be taller than me even if I'm in heels.
3. Defined body. I do not want a surfboard with nipples.

3 of your favorite hobbies
1. Writing.
2. Reading.
3. CSI.

3 things you want to do really badly now
1. Go back to a beach.
2. Go shopping.
3. Finish reading my book.

3 careers you're considering/you've considered
1. Marketing for a better company/brand.
2. Be part of the Discovery Channel (longshot).
3. Doing nothing (right).

3 places you want to go on vacation
1. Cambodia or Vietnam
2. China
3. Bora-bora

3 kid's names you like
1. Lucia
2. Joaquin
3. Gavin

3 things you want to do before you die
1. Go to Six Flags and ride everything.
2. Have a nice happy family.
3. Own Manolo Blahniks.

3 ways that you are stereotypically a boy
1. I eat a lot of meat. Steak? Bring it on. With lots of gravy.
2. I hog the remote and switch channels like crazy.
3. I don't like talking about problems.

3 ways that you are stereotypically a girl
1. I love shoes (more so if they have heels) and the shopping of them.
2. I shriek at the sight of bugs (butterflies especially).
3. I manipulate. Chips is mostly the victim of this hehe.

3 celebrity crushes
1. Keanu Reeves
2. Christian Bale
3. Ewan Magregor

3 people that i would like to see take this quiz
1. Apester.
2. My sister.
3. Nio.
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