Thursday, September 01, 2005
the long tag of agos
This is one hard tag asphaire. Kung hindi lang talaga kita love. My memory is so not meant for this...

20 years ago
You guys would not believe that they called me Big Bertha because I was fat.
Also was a spoiled brat. What I want, I get.
Dad builds a me-sized replica of my toy nipa hut.
Next year, this is all put in jeopardy by the entry of a sister.

15 years ago
I realize that I really, really suck at math.
I hated skirts. I hated pink.
Homeroom teacher made our classroom a shrine in honor of the pink crayola.
Done with Nancy Drew Hardbound Mysteries.
Proceeding to complete Nancy Drew Case Files.
Summer of 5th grade. Bored.
Skimmed through Compton's Encyclopedia (all 26 volumes) up in our attic.

10 years ago
Art contests.
Began writing short stories.
Figured I could also write those gaga love stories.
Also began compiling all the poetry I've written.
Fell in love with image editing (and painting) software.
I still had braces.
I was so in nerd-country.

5 years ago
This summer, family took a Canadian Rockies roadtrip.
I love this year. A junior at UA&P, taking up IMC.
Established my writer's identity.
Theater org. Set. Lights. Music. No acting.
One production after another. Rehearsals until 12 MN.
Don't know how I passed my classes.
Plus, I met Chips this year (narration of which will be too long).
EDSA II breaks out a few months later.

3 years ago
Working as a resident at Ace Saatchi & Saatchi.
Later on get absorbed into the company.
Producer sermons me about protocol.
Producer apparently offended by me telling the editor what font to use.
Play foozeball with the creative director for him to read my Work Order.
Meet celebrities for the brand. Fake smile.
Master the art of deciphering Indian accents via telecon.

Last year
This blog was born.
Actually enrolled in a gym (Fozzy is that you!?!).
Began work on one of the biggest brands in the country.
Handling also little accounts (and they think they're sooo big)
No more time for gym.
Sustaining a going-on-four year relationship.
Chips goes to Bora with me and my family.
A very happy Fozzy.

This year
Swamped with work.
A totally beached summer. Boracay. La Luz. Pagudpud.
Chips went to Ilocos for the first time.
The other blog was born.
Our Account Manager team of three is down to one - me.
My mothers are interviewing prospective siblings.
I don't want to be an only child.

Had an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.
Set meetings for the rest of the week.
Projects List meeting with a client.
Went to UGL for an offline.
Had to leave offline for a meeting at P&G.
Went back to offline. Had a light dinner.
Back to office, finalized paperwork.
Gave up, went home.

Last night
Watched Discovery Channel.
Planned what to wear.
Watched Oprah.
On the phone with Chips.
It rained.
Have to rethink outfit.

Got to work early. Oddly no traffic.
Doing this tag. Today is a busy day:
Presentation to a client at 10:45.
Lunch meeting with creative team.
Offline again (I hope we finish already).
Presentation again.
Telecon with client to top it all off.
I hope there's still breakfast at the canteen.
Tin's despedida dinner later.

I look at my calendar for tomorrow and sigh.
Another busy day.
Brainstorming meeting.
Projects list for another client.
Another presentation scheduled.
Another offline and online.
When will this end...

Next year
Five year anniversary with Chips!
I don't know what else...

Five to ten years from now
I have no idea.
Carpe diem.

Who would I like to answer this?
Whoever wants to (and has the time to).
dezphaire strapped in @ 8:16 AM  


  • At 10:49 AM, Anonymous she said…

    ok i'll answer! you were fat before? really?????

  • At 1:35 PM, Blogger dreaming-neko said…

    big bertha no more!
    you look beautiful :)

    and you watch discovery channel too! what a keeper...

  • At 3:08 PM, Anonymous slither dude said…

    enjoy to ah Ü

  • At 3:51 PM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    she: go forth and answer! and yes, i was fat. as in.

    dreaming-neko: haha thanks. i love discovery channel! i can't imagine television without it.

    slither dude: mahirap sya actually gawin... hehe.


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