Friday, October 29, 2004
trick or treat
I love halloween. We get to scare kiddies. Every year, we hold a trick-or-treat for the kids and pumpkins of the agency. There's a most haunted room contest and a costume contest. The best room was always (as expected) that of the Creatives. However the past couple of years saw the emergence of unlikely competitors - the Research department and the Events department.

The Research guys made smart use of the FGD room and the two-way mirror, making it look like a laboratory and an autopsy gone wrong (I have no idea where they got their innards props). Of course, you'd always want people hidden under the tables and grabbing the feet of kids ready to pee with fright.

We didn't really dress up our room. It was just me and Tin, dressed in skirts and veils, with hair strewn all over the place. Then we had plastic cockroaches, centipedes and spiders all over the floor and stuck to the wall (two kilos of them, in fact). No lights, just a flashlight that guided them through the corridors. Lala was psycho enough to tape each roach to the floor so that whatever kicking was done, it wouldn't budge. Spiders were stuck to the wall in clusters, and it looked like an attack from some horror b-movie. Creepy, really.

Ironically, more moms and yaya's were scared than the kids. The kids were more scared of me and Tin, screaming "Sadako! Sadako!" Oh well. We made one or two kids cry. It's just so much fun hearing them scream "daddy ayoko naaaa!" After our room, the mothers cursed us because the kids didn't want to walk on the floor anymore (any floor for that matter).

Yah, you gotta love this time of year. You get to make kiddies cry and their parents won't kill you for it.


On a side note, yesterday I had a mini-reunion of sorts. I was at the Manila Peninsula, attending the awarding of Medtech Scholarships to 15 lucky geniuses. This was a nationwide scholarship program between Safeguard and PAMET. I tell you, these kids are waaaaay over their heads. They don't have a grade lower than 90. And it's so touching to see their parents crying and all as they take their places on the stage.

As the programme drew to a close, they had surprise guests - the Acafellas. Man, I haven't seen these guys from college. I was sitting in front wondering if Robi or Ikey even see me (or recognize me, since I was in a girly dress). Anyway, after the show we got to catch up a bit. And I was just amazed at the unlikeliness. I've never gone to any of their gigs and here I see them in a P&G event. Okay. Nice. My officemate has a crush on one of them too. Hehe.

It was fun :) That was a happy moment.
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Monday, October 25, 2004
weekend review
Saturday. After a horrendous week, I thought that I deserved a helluva-good weekend. Chips and I went to Shang to watch House of Flying Daggers. A beautiful film. I've heard word going around that it's not that nice... because the flying daggers weren't believable. I stick my tongue out to their general direction. What are they talking about? The scenes were beautiful. Nevermind the daggers. You'd get so close to the fight scenes that you'd fear for the life of the cameraman. Cinematography? Splendid. Even if you were reading through the story via subtitles, the actors made you connect so vividly to everything their characters were feeling. The soundtrack was also stunning... it heightened every sensation - suspense, love, fear... whatever. I wanted to give a standing ovation after. And by the way, Takeshi Kaneshiro is way hot. I am so going to get the original DVD.

I'd also have to say kudos to those who revamped the Shang movie house. Great seats, celebratory sounds, and the floors weren't sticky. And if you're planning to watch a film like Flying Daggers, watch it in a kick-ass theater like that of Shang.

Oh yeah we again previewed a snippet of Batman Begins. I can't wait. Christian Bale. Yum.

Sunday. Woke up at 3PM. Went to mass at 4 and waited for Chips. We were to play badminton today. Nothing like smashing a helpless shuttlecock to release stress. Got my sister to tag along and she got a high-school friend of hers to tag along too. We get to Valle Country Club and start a game and just prove that hand-eye-shuttlecock coordination wasn't a really great strength of our sisterhood. However, we did get to play a good game - a noisy one at that.

Later on, Chips' dad, sister and brother arrive. More helpless shuttlecock smashing. Chips' dad is so cute - he doesn't even need to jump to hit a high one (he's 6'2"). And we teamed him up with my sister, a ballet dancer who quips everytime she swings the racket, and who's just about up to his shoulder. Haha. Anyway, it was a good game. I can foresee the pain that will rise up later on.

Sister and I get home and she shows me her latest DVD conquests - My Fair Lady, Monty Python's The Life of Brian, and Romeo and Juliet (the ballet). We decide to give ourselves a laugh and watch The Life of Brian. Hilarious! Relentless british comedy. A must-see for people who want to know what it would be like if Pontious Pilate couldn't pronounce his R's. Nevermind the poor production value (it was made in 1979 for heaven's sake). The puns are so funny. And what's amazing is that there are only 6 main actors. Cool huh.

So it was a generally good weekend. I'll surf about Takeshi Kaneshiro more. And I hope Chips can find time to go to Makati Cinema Square and get me that Chungking Express DVD :)
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Friday, October 22, 2004
if there be demons
If there are, you can probably find some on the 6th floor of the DAO Condominium in Salcedo street, Legaspi Village. To those in advertising, this address would be all too familiar (especially to AE's). It's the place to be. Here's where you make the most of your ability to fake a genuine smile. It's where you test your patience, and your "negotiation" skills... as well as how good you are in keeping from throwing up as you realize how much bullshit is actually being spurted out from your mouth.

The people here are one of a kind. There's the secretary who refuses to answer any questions. There's Tita N who's a volcano always waiting to erupt. I've purchased 3 crochet celphone holders from her just to temper the lava. There's O, who never arrives on time - screening is from 10-12 and he arrives at an average time of, well, 12. Then he smokes, laughs, and signs on the stamp. There's the power-tripping demons Y and C, who just love to piss everyone off. Panel here, panel there, panel everywhere. They are the most unorganized, incoherent bunch of people I've ever met. Naked of integrity and respectfulness. They lose certifications, misplace flat labels, forget letters, they retract approvals. And the advertising industry is at their mercy.

This week we were given a survey on their performance. Questions like: does the director have a firm grasp of the code of ethics, are the staff always courteous, do they maintain punctuality... those evaluation stuff. See, the kicker here are such qualifiers as "firm" and "always". I'm sorry, pero hindi. So fail, fail, fail, fail. Overall rating? Fail. It's not much of revenge for all the turmoil they've caused me... but at least it's something. And I felt good after.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
lost conversations part 1
I thought of posting some funny stuff from work. If Cat did a rendition of "bangag" conversations due to alcohol, this is my version but due to the inhumanly insane world we call 'work'. And also due to the fact that we're inherently insane to begin with...

Lunchtime at Greenbelt with Tin. I was breaking in that day a new pair of ballet flats. The back of my feet (by the heel-ankle area) was getting callused with every step.

Me: Tin, I need a band-aid. I'm in pain. Let's go to First Aid later.
Tin: They don't have band-aid there. There was a time I needed some and went there but they didn't have them.
Me: Well, that's false advertising. Why are they called First Aid?
Tin: Dunno. I think it's First Aid for beauty. They only sell cosmetics.
Me: Band-aid is part of first aid! They should have it! They're lying to consumers.

This conversation is actually a lengthy one, but this is the gist. I was still in pain and I complain to Tin again.

Me: Argh. Really in pain. Tin, we need to find band-aid.
Tin: Ah, you want band-aid? I have!
Me: (in exasperation) Tiiiiin!!!
Tin: (realizing what has transpired since the first complaint) Sorry!

My bosses are preparing for the week-long conference. Tin has just finished aligning with our little boss all the work that has to be done. Our boss attempts to boost our morale:

Lil boss: You can do it!
Girls repeat: We can do it!
Me: (singing) We can do it, we can do it, we can help our Cinderelly. We can make her dress so pretty, there's nothing to it really. We'll tie a sash around it, put a ribbon through it...

For our little boss' birthday, an officemate (itago natin sya sa pangalang Lara), blew up two condoms and stuck them to Lil boss' cubicle wall. People just kept on touching it but then Lara warned:

Lara: H'wag nyo sya hawakan! (Don't touch them)
Us: Bakit? (Why?)
Lara: Puputok sya (It's gonna blow)

It just sounded so strange knowing what it was...
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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
inching towards survival
This just redefines hell week for me. I never realized how many things can go wrong in one day. In the past maybe it's just a new wrong thing every two or three days. This time, it's a minimum of one new wrong thing every day. Horrid isn't it.

But okay, I've been just so bitter that it may not be helping even the morale of my precious readers. So here are some simple things that I've thought about today, that somehow placed a smile on my face and helped me keep the murderous musings in control.

1. My new mousepad. It's the one with this little bubble on one end to rest your wrist on. It's so comfortable and squishy. I recommend everyone to get one (unless you're using a trackpad or a pen mouse). It's fun and you won't get callused. Chips got this for me as a gift and it sure beats flowers.

2. The smell of real leather. I borrowed my mom's pink leather bag today. It smells so good. And when I get a whiff of it, it kinda makes a smile creep in... you know, like when you're smelling good steak.

3. Kitchie Nadal's song "Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin". Beautiful song. End of.

4. The cheerful parking attendant at Makati Cinema Square. Chips and I had dinner at the KFC branch there. That guy was so nice and cheery, it was contagious. He made it seem that the world had no problems.

5. Pistachio nuts. They're addictive, they're crunchy, and they're hella good. Get the Toby's ones... cheap and way better than the imported kind.

6. Writing. I don't get to write poetry as much anymore. But at least I got this blog. Hope all of you are enjoying yourselves.

Ok. Need to leave the office now...
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Monday, October 18, 2004
the art of murder
No, this post will not be about the book. Rather, the title expresses what's brewing in my mind. I'm close to either being suicidal or a murdering vengeful psycho. Why? For the past weeks I find myself working until 10PM and on weekends. Yesterday, I find myself at a post-house and a CG studio, after coming from church. It was a Sunday. A bloody Sunday. God rested on this day, and I was working. I am breaking a commandment here. This job is making me evil.

So why are we working on a Sunday? Because the blasted marketing head of this brand scheduled a leave. A one-week leave right smack into the middle of when offlines and other critical plans are supposed to be approved. So here we are fast-tracking everything like crazy. While she's off vacationing somewhere, we're left toiling in shit.

All my bosses are out on a conference again. It's not fun. I'm going to be dealing with all the clients. Argh. If only I could teleport myself from one venue to the other. I have no idea how I'm going to survive this week. I've got a big presentation to this marketing honcho that I really could've used some seniors' help on. But well, they're up in the air by then.

It's not that I don't like what I'm doing. Accounts work isn't that bad. This is just so damn unhealthy, it's making me get second thoughts. I don't know what's wrong. Is it me? Is it the brand? The company? Sigh. For now I'll just have to grin and bear it. Pray that I do.
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
you are what you wear
i got this from jeff's blog. is this me or is this me? bwehehe...

to find out what your shirt says, click here.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2004
some updates and musings
I am once again putting off the impending toil of a pre-production call report and a competitive copy analysis. So given the little time I have to blog while my bosses are out for a meeting, here are just some updates and confirmed learnings (such an AE word):

1. I am at chapter 4 of The Art of Murder. One murder has already transpired. The author pays a lot of attention in establishing a situation, a look, a person - paragraphs can be devoted to a description of one thing. It is, however, written engagingly well, and does not come across as a Jane Austen.

2. My K700i is doing well. I love the camera. I've gotten used to the fact that the space is on the hash key, not on the zero. And that the caps control is on the pound sign and not on the hash. I continue to miss the fact that in Nokia, you can type in the name as you search the Contacts.

3. The car is back from the shop and is running very well. I am having second thoughts as to whether or not to let go of it. But I have to let go. Arg. I'm so attached.

4. I've learned from Chips that when parking (especially at bazaars), avoid parking beside mini-vans or the like. They would usually be the vendors who will have to maneuver rods and racks into the car, which could probably scratch your car if they were clumsy. This was confirmed as we witnessed a brand-new X-Trail get chipped at the bumper by a sudden unfolding of a steel folding table.

5. In ukay-ukay, not even the detergent you so strongly believe in (aside from being your client) can take out the stains. Dinginess could be managed, but stains will almost never come out. No matter how cute the thing is, if it has a stain, drop it. The stain could very well be older than you.

For anyone who cares, these are the goings-on in my life this week. Notice that not much is actually happening. On a side note, maybe the next post will be a list of ukay-ukay places, since I write about them so often. Magpaka-fashion naman tayo. Hanggang sa muli.
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Friday, October 08, 2004
my baby's back
My dad picked up my baby from the hospital (funny, this line sounds so familiar). I only got to install it the other day. And I was ecstatic. It booted quickly, without hanging. There were only five icons on the desktop and I didn't have any of those annoyingly useless update icons by the time & date thing. I gaped at how clean everything was. I excitedly click the Start button, checked out the programs and was glad to find that only the basic ones were installed. For the first time in a long time, my PC was actually real-time responsive.

But. Here's the kicker. The technicial played smart-ass once again (yes, this sounds familiar too). I check out the HD and find that my old files are still there. Yes, My Documents was empty, but the rest... are still there. I also find that previous users' documents and settings are still there. Which means that he didn't start from a clean slate. Didn't I say that I wanted it reformatted? Totally clean? He even confirmed if he can erase everything. I said yes. Wasn't that clear? Should I have sent him a call report?

Okay. I'm ruining a positive thing. Be happy. Be thankful. The PC is fast. It doesn't hang or restart by itself. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
start your day right
Start by unbeknownstly turning off your alarm and going back to sleep. Then wake up 30 minutes later and rush through your morning routine. Do not eat breakfast. Wear in a nice skirt and 3-inch stilleto sandals to make you feel better and compensate for your current toxic state. Then literally crawl your way to work via an expressway that might as well have been a parking lot.

At work, forget to align Client on the builds on a storyboard. At a briefing, send the producer the unfinalized storyboard. Simultaneously get harassed by an ABM because she can't defend her POSM to her sales people just because she can't recall the rationale as to why the POSM is designed as such.

This is so a great day. And it's not even lunch time.
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Friday, October 01, 2004
easing the pain
This week felt like a month. I've been thinking it was a Friday since Tuesday. At last the actual day is here. To ease the stresses of this horrendous week, I plan to accomplish the following (if not, at least attempt to complete):

1. Read Art of Murder, the latest addition to our bookshelf.
2. Bring my computer to the hospital. I am giving up.
3. Go to Divisoria with my Mom. I love her. She knows it like the back of her hand. And I'll never get lost because she'll be holding up a floral umbrella.
4. Gym with Chips. I'm a changed woman. Grabe.
5. Go to ukay-ukay, if Divisoria isn't feasible.

I get shivers just thinking of what this weekend holds. I hope the weather doesn't literally rain on my parade.
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