Tuesday, November 02, 2004
and the stress just went poof

The weekend was wonderful. Discovered quite a beach over the internet, a nook within Batangas. We stayed at the La Luz Beach Resort - it's just beautiful. Really worth the long drive and the dirt roads. The adventure unfolds:

The Long Drive.
We had an inkling that the town of Laiya was far from the likes of Matabungkay and Calatagan. It was towards Lipa, the opposite way if you were going to the pier for Puerto Galera. If you breezed through the La Luz website, you'd come across not a map, but a blow by blow account of how to get there. It was okay at first, but then you'd figure that fatigue had probably set in on whoever was typing it (who turned out to be the owner of the resort, who we met later in the beach). I think you'd just have to read the directions to see what I mean. It would've been easier if it was bullet points or something.

Anyway, so we were driving and driving (actually, Chips was). And turning and driving. We made a couple of wrong turns but finally made it to the final turn as said in the directions. Then no more landmarks were given except for a Sampaloc tree that was supposedly at the end of the road. End of the road it was. In verbatim it said "Please follow the road until you reach the end and there are no more roads and you will see a big Sampalok tree." In other words, asa dulo ng walang hanggan. But when we got there, it was well worth it.

The Beach.
Hearing the crashing of the waves just swept all the stress away. The good thing about being at the end of the road was that the resort was the last one on the cove. It was at the very corner of it, which makes for no trespassing jologs from other resorts. The most important pro of this beach? It was clean. No trash or cigarette butts on the sand. The water was clean and clear. The rooms/cottages were simple and well-kept.

The mega-plus part was that there were cabanas with curtains that you can just draw out if you want some privacy. The lounges had tarp cushions and were under wind-proof umbrellas. There was a communal eating area (where you get buffet meals) which makes it easier for the resort to control the trash.

The owner was very hospitable, mingling with all the guests and making sure that everything was alright. He dives and snorkles with guests too. Oh yeah, you can also see fishies there. And you can rent a cayak even. Then he sets up a bonfire at night and gives everyone candles for the cabanas.

I am definitely going back.

The Lesbian Football Team.
The highlight of the weekend for the guys. It all started with Chips noticing a group of soccer chicks with a soccer ball. He was first taken by the soccer ball as he regretted not bringing his. Later on, as we were lounging on the beach, he notices two of the girls together. He brings up the thought that they might be lesbians. I set it aside. You never know, they may be two best friends who just happen to be together walking on the beach (you know, the other girls may be fixing up the room or something). The two later lay sarongs on the sand and put sunblock. Chips brings up the lesbian thing again. Well, it looks normal to me. He constantly insists that they are "together" throughout mid-day. My thought balloon is that just because there are two of them together on the beach doesn't mean that they're automatically "together".

Bestfriend of Chips (a guy) approaches us early in the evening. He excitedly reveals that he witness the two girls kiss. Chips was like, "Damn!" What is it with lesbians and guys? Did I get lost in American Pie 2? We then also learn that their room is right beside ours. Guys' eyebrows raise. So throughout the night, as we were drinking and lounging, the guys kept on turning their heads towards that room beside ours - will they come out? Will they be lounging beside our cabana? And we girlfriends of these two guys just kept on rolling our eyes, trying to keep them focused... on us. Demmit.

The next morning, I think the guys were still on their lesbian-scouting mode. I gave up. Whatever. I'll just stay under my umbrella and read. The guys went cayaking. Just by luck, three of the football girls make sun-tan camp in front of our umbrella. They lather lotions on each other, fix their bikinis, etc. Later I confirm from the guys that cayaking actually gave them a better view. Scheming bastards.

Well, whatever. It was one good weekend. Now I'm back to the jungle. I pray that these pictures last me through the hell week ahead.

And I am definitely going back.
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  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger mamajojogirl said…

    Wow, is it really as good as it looks in the pictures? Tell us more ok?

  • At 5:22 PM, Blogger mamajojogirl said…

    Read this early this morning. makes me dream of a vacation...arrrggh. saved the site in my favorites.

    I think i'll enjoy the ride as well, it sounded like an adventure in itself ;)

    And as to controlling my temper..Years of experience taught me that =)


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