Sunday, March 13, 2005
some bad air
After such a sleep-deprived week and a tiring Saturday, I woke up this afternoon to find my room with the likeness of a tornado's aftermath. My sister was doing some kind of mosaic project thing. You can imagine how messy that is. And a carpeted floor isn't at all easy to clean. I also find my desk riddled with corrected essays and yellow-pad notes. On it were also two cellphones and a glittery blue pen. Okay. So that was the scenario. It seemed like my desk at work.

I did not at all welcome the sight. As it was the sight that welcomes me almost every night I come home from a 14-hour work day. The only difference is that my sister wasn't strewn (in more appropriate tagalog terms: nakahalandusay) on my bed with the TV blasting like she was deaf. And thus allow me please to pour my angst on the age-old war of two sisters... their rooms.

I don't care if you guys think me as mean and irrational. I barged into her room, somewhat hit her with the door in the process, and picked a fight... What is your room doing. What is my room to you, your office? Do you want me to burn down your room? Is it the computer? I had your computer for so many years and I lived with it. You live with it the way I did. What will you do if I removed your access to my computer?

That was the end of the patience rope. She should be thankful that I held out for this long. I sat down, deleted her access. I concluded that this was the only thing she was after, given that she has her own phone line and she didn't want a TV. My mom even redecorated her room. Arg, the youth these days. What does the word suffering mean to them? Hindi manlang magtiyaga. Everything as they want it. I defragmented her computer already. I fixed the popups. If she wanted a faster one, she should take it to the shop and upgrade it. I lugged the thing to the shop when I needed to. I spent almost ten grand replacing the slow parts on what I'm currently using. The thing is, I don't really mind that she uses the PC and does her homework on my desk. The major thing is that SHE DOESN'T CLEAN UP. Net, she lets herself get caught. All those nights watching CSI and learning the value of eliminating evidence. So, unless she's got more brains to tidy up her crime scene, then she'll have to live without the P4 PC.

Okay. Fine. Since she's my sister and I love her anyway, I burned all her files into a CD and cleaned up her PC again. Packshet. What a way to start a Sunday.
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  • At 2:32 AM, Blogger noknok said…

    ay, si exchuva ay makalat... tsk tsk...

    ate naman, finals week... (yaak, pinagtanggol...) hehehe... reading this, i suddenly feel happier about my computer. i get to bring it anywhere so my sisters don't bother me.

    oh by the way, remember the musical tag? one question is about the amount of music in one's computer... I answered 8GB i think... now, I have 14 GB. 14 freakin' gigabytes of music! Today, I get several GB's more. iTunes says it's 14 days worth of music. wala lang.

  • At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Yzrah said…

    Hehe, yup i did the same thing when me and my sis had a disagreement. I put a password on the pc to prevent her from using it.

    I dunno, the pc is one thing i own that i could use to bully her around cuz she knows that i bought the thing. =P

    I dunno, pcs are really a necessity these days. I feel its hard to live with out one.

    btw, i've enabled guest commenting on my tabulas account so feel free to post. =)

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    yah a PC is sacred. even if i know mine is way faster than hers, there's something about a PC being so prone to possessiveness. but as i said, i'm actually open to sharing it (together with the room) provided that she learns how to clean up before she lounges around.

    noknok: maligayang pagbalik sa misa. pakopya naman ng mp3s hehe.

    yzrah: your PC is a different animal. and i mean the word "animal".

  • At 10:49 AM, Anonymous april said…

    buti na lang my siblings are all so much older than me, when i was a kid we never had this sort of thing. although they would boss me around a lot...

  • At 10:00 PM, Blogger Sapphire Dreams said…

    Hay! I totally understand you. I'm an ate too and I share rooms with my 2 other sisters and they're both messier than I already am. Anyhow, I completed the dvds of the show, Friends. My sister has this habit of not returning the dvds after watching them and sometimes leave them lying around the sala, where the tv is. And you know how hard it is if you lose one disc, you'll have to buy the entire season! I always remind her to return the dvds in their proper place.

    So one night, after finding one dvd by the computer, and one *EMPTY* case in the sala (I had to go through all the dvd cases to find the disc), I got fed up.

    In the morning, she found a huge note propped against the dvds. It read: Camille, you are no longer allowed to borrow dvds from this shelf. I'm sick and tired of finding dvds all over the house. I don't care if you die of boredom!

    Looks like it works! Maybe now I have to ban my brush from her!


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