Monday, October 30, 2006
little snippets
I apologize to have been quite out of it lately. I've gotten lazy, sick, distracted and un-fined for the past few days. I just have some little thoughts and snippets for today. Errrmmm so here goes.

I want to buy a new book. It's called Vertigo. It's a thriller and the reviews are interesting. I just found it last week on the new releases shelf in Powerbooks. I just didn't have money then. Maybe this week I'll buy it. Problem is, I haven't gotten to read any of the new books I've bought over the past months. I don't know -- maybe I just like having a lot of books around me.

I just bought another camera. A friend who makes trips to Hidalgo bought my latest toy camera for me. It's a Woca. It uses 120 format film. It's helluva hard to load the freakin film. I haven't gotten to shoot anything with it yet. I'll bring it over to Nov 1. Hoping to get eerie shots. Baka may moomoo!

I continue to hate parents who can't control their children in church. It's actually nice that these kids get exposed to the sacrament early on. But it would be nice if they actually learned how to behave. Some kids do -- they just sit around, with their big eyes. They'd throw a fit but they'd be easily appeased and they'd get quiet again. But some are just downright noisy. Let them loose and they're doing karate moves on the aisle. Restrain them and they'd wail like it was the end of the world. The annoying thing is -- no one is doing anything about it! I mean, at least one of the parents could just step out with the kid. There's no use keeping him inside to disturb everyone else. Argh. If only it wasn't a sin to strangle someone.

I've been a home body for the past 3 days. Yah. Sick as a dog, going to vommit. Like literally. I got struck by some food poisoning. And I felt what it would be like to be a bulimic for 2 days. Now I'm on the road to recovery. On gatorade therapy. I hope I get better in time for Nov 1. Because that would mean that a lot of food will be out there for the eating. The only advantage of this is that I'm getting skinnier. Hehe.

I should find a way to get rid of my extra shoes. I have like 40 pairs and counting. My mom constantly tells me to give some away, especially those that are worn in. But who will benefit from pumps, mules and stilleto sandals? Sigh.

I'm running out of snippets now. Hehe. I guess I should end it here. Toodles!
dezphaire strapped in @ 1:33 PM  


  • At 5:33 PM, Anonymous jojo said…

    whenever i have upset stomach or related sickness, it only lasts a day. i wish it to be a bit longer so that i can lose more weight. agh.

    all that camera talk--i wish we didn't throw away our ancient cameras at home.

  • At 7:25 PM, Blogger dezphaire said…

    jojo: sayang! you could've sold those ancient cameras to lunatics like me! hehe.


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